'70 repro rear sway bar

I bought the addco 432 rear sway bar and you guessed it… it doesn’t fit. It’s basically the Mustang bar that won’t fit Cougar. I got in touch with Addco and their tech guy Ernie told me if I sent the 432 back he would make me a straight bar like the '70. Didn’t mention any size. I was thinking if he could make one why not make several for others that want a stock style rear bar. He said it could take a month or 6 months but he would get it made. Any others interested that I can propose a larger quantity? I don’t know why he wouldn’t be up for making more that he could sell but who knows. Got to start somewhere.

Question is COST… What is the going price for one of these? And does it come with everything to attach it to the car??


The 432 is what would replace the factory 1/2 bar with 7/8". You would need the plates that came with the factory bar that mount below the leaf spring. The bar brackets would bolt to the Factory nuts in the frame. They make a 3/4" bar if you don’t have the factory set-up, but it mounts somewhat suspect. They give you a “c” type u-bolt to fish in the frame that can start to pull thru the metal. https://www.addco.net/?s=&ymm_search=1&post_type=product&_year=1970&_make=Mercury&_model=Cougar
The ideal set-up would be add the plates from NPD and use the 432. https://www.npdlink.com/product/rear-sway-bar-mounting-bracket/104909/210357

Those NPD brackets are for a Mustang, they say they work with a Cougar, but Cougars use a bigger U bolt then a Mustang.

This is a Cougar bracket installed on my CJ Cougar.

More info here.

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