70 Xr7 Clock no power

So I’m installing my Dash Pad, hook the wires up, i’m excited too see the reconditioned clock start ticking and wala! Clock no worky. :frowning_face:
Started checking for power, power at the fuse, no power at the plastic T shaped Clock plug.
I checked the Clock plug with a multi-meter, and 12v lighted probe. Does not seem to be any power.
Am i missing something?

Typically the fuse block terminals get rusty so there is no continuity even though the fuse is not blown. Some times I have to remove the driver seat and use a tiny wire wheel in a Dremel tool to make things work again. I put Vaseline on the contacts to keep them from rusting.

Well I used my Dremel to clean all the the fuse holders. I used steel wool to clean all the fuse ends, and all circuits have power. My C pillar lights are on, Map light works, and Glove box light works. but the clock does not have power. I also noticed that the cigarette light does not seem to work. Coincidence? Maybe Cig Lighter is a separate issue?
What should my next move?

The cigarette lighter and fused power for clock and some of the 70 XR7 switched features are all on the same circuit: green/yellow wires. Clock harnesses are often unreliable due to their design of being in strain, so they tend to lose continuity in ground and power lines. Start by pulling the clock harness from the main harness and see if you have 12V power at the green/yellow plug coming from the main harness. That, at least, can isolate where your problem may be.

I will assume you are referring to the singular male bullet end, on the harness. It’s possible it may not even be plugged in. Is it possible to pinpoint in the main harness where the matching female plug, is located? ex might I find it behind the radio? Can it be seen from the drivers side foot well area?
Sorry to be a pain, electrical is not my cup of tea, I don’t want to give up just yet.

No, the main clock plug on the main harness is a 2 pin female affair with one plug (green/yellow colored wires) being fused power and the other is black (ground).

Do you mean this? Circled in red.

I fixed the cigarette lighter. Turns out the wiring pigtail, was not connected to the socket post. Also the inner tightening sleeve was very loose. So loose the entire socket, probably would have made a very poor ground.
As for the clock, I think i will have to pull the radio, in order to have enough room to see the wire loom clock connection.

Am I correct in assuming the 2 matching light green plugs go together?
The dark green twin female has no mate, but does have 12v constant.

The male 2 pin plug mates to the green plug just above it in the picture; the female version in your hand is a pigtail for another accessory. Remember, green/yellow wire mates with green/yellow wires and black wires mates as well.

Might seem like a silly question, but have you checked the fuse? I got the clock in my 73 XR7 reconditioned, and it frequently blows the 10 amp in line fuse I installed. I now wish I had used the recon service that has the clock running on AA batteries.