70 xr7 Convertible from Chicago Auto Show

0F94M500051 Produced for the Chicago Auto Show. Rough condition inside and under the hood,decent trunk area and cowl.No engine(351-4v). FMX transmission and rear intact.Top hydraulics ,frame,and front trim look OK. Steering box and pump are there.Has Glue in door glass intact.No dashpad or front interior.Has rear interior panels. Needs at least front pans.Damage to metal above battery tray.May have been some body work done under primer. Original color was deep gold.I could get more pictures if someone is serious.Car is located in N. Alabama, near Moulton.I have no personal stake in this car,just hope it gets saved.I will provide contact info. to serious parties only.Send messages through this site. Asking $2500.[CCCGallery]https://classiccougarcommunity.com/cccgallery/visitor.php?a=607[/CCCGallery]


Send me the contact info please.


It seems this car was in FL 3 years ago complete.

https://barnfinds.com/topless-show-car-1970-mercury-cougar-xr-7-convertible/ How in the heck did it go from a almost complete car to this??