70 XR7 "Q" code 4 speed convertible project

Here are some pictures of my current project. The cougar has been in the family for 40+ years. It had an interior fire back in 99 and its been an ongoing project for the past 20 years with several delays due to life getting in the way, but I am finally getting the fire lit again to make progress. The car is a 70 XR7, 428scj 4 speed convertible with the drag pak option. The first picture is before the fire and wow! I wish I was that young again… And that goodwrench shirt! ha ha. The car is supposed to be, and will be competition orange when I get to that point. Hopefully I posted the pictures correctly! Any input from the experts is always welcome and greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jon

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No replies at all on this awesome project cat. RESPECT! Thanks for posting and good luck with the build.

Very cool car and vintage photos. Would love to see the Marti and more pics.

+1 on the Marti - would love to see that also.

That is an incredibly awesome Cougar! Talk about a stealth machine - seems to me someone carefully chose how they wanted that car optioned.

Please keep us up-to-date on it’s progress.

  • Phillip

I think he is a member over on Mercury Cougar.net. I remember seeing the pictures before. It’s great you have time to get back to work on this rare beauty. Doing a rear one like this one doing it correctly is important. If I recall you still have the numbers matching power train? I have a 70 standard CJ hard top. It was missing the entire power train. I am only doing a CJ and C6 to look correct. I do not plan to do the body at this time, but it really needs it.
Good luck and keep us updated.

Cool car. Looking forward to seeing it back on the road!

Great Cougar and story. Having any car in the family for 40 years is cool. I look forward to seeing more of your progress.


Thanks, I’ll try add more photos in the next few days.

The Marti indicates it was an executive vehicle with a dso of 84. I’m assuming one of the “suits” at Ford was the original owner, not sure though. Thanks, Jon

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That’s a great Cat!

It sure is - looking forward to more pics of this one as restoration progresses!

Wow! That is some cool stuff right there! Keep at it. Can’t wait to see some progress pics!

In my opinion this is one of the most valuable Cougars ever made. Very few Cougars have breached $200k but done right this would appraise for that. Hope you still have the Ram Air tucked away somewhere! Thanks for sharing.

Is a car that is serialized as a “Q” code and has ram air induction as an option typical for a 70 CJ car ?

I think in '70 the “Q” code could be a 428CJ with or without Ram Air.

  • Phillip

Yes. All '70 CJ’s (and SCJ’s) were “Q-code” cars. Ram-Air was an optional item that did not affect the engine code for the Cougar that year.

I figured I would post a couple more progress pictures. I am always open to suggestions and comments from the experts. I have the rear end almost complete and ready to put back in. Thanks for the interest!