71-73 parts

I sold my restored 71 XR7 5 years ago and am cleaning out my garage of left over parts. (3) NOS rocker panel moldings and 4 used, (1) NOS driver side head lights mounting assembly, (1) nice used also, several complete sets of very nice full vinyl roof moldings, many 71-72 grill trim pieces, XR7 ginger door panels, driver power seat track and wiring/ switch, complete working power sun roof assembly removed from a 73 XR7 35 years ago plus extra parts for same, XR7 glove box doors, rear tail light bezels, console parts, 3 spoke rim blow wheel and pads. I am in NJ. Inquire if interested in any of these. Have more items not listed here.

I would be interested in the ginger door panels if they are better than what I have currently. I sent you a PM yesterday. Could you supply some pictures and advise what your asking price is? Thank you

Pm sent

P M Sent

Do you have a LH(drivers’side) rear bumper filler? (rubber piece with 2 mounting studs)? Also need power seat switch,drivers’ side? I’m in Dallas,Tex. Thanks,Joe.

If your 71-73 power seat switch is broken you can repair it with parts from another power seat switch.
I used the parts from an 83 Jeep grand wagoneer 6-way seat switch so obviously it was a widely used part…


Yes, I have a spare power seat switch. I will need to check if I still have a left rear bumper filler. I won’t be able to check until Friday.

I have a 1971 bumper filler, don’t know if it is a right or left. Missing the plastic studs. If you provide your email I can attach a photo.