71 XR7 Help

Need some one to measure the placement of the Cougar script and the XR7 emblem from the lower passenger trunk edges. Need to place mine back and don’t have a sample to measure this moment


here ya go…


Yes - thanks, had seen that picture and have a fair number of others. Was hoping for an exact measurement rather than resulting to having to scale the photo :wink:

Guess I can if I have to

Got the measurement - thanks

Will post the measurement once I get a graphic made - to help others in the same situation


1 3/4" from the bottom of the lid to the bottom of the script - (The main part) not the “C” “G” or “7”

After the height is established - the XR7 is 2 3/8" in from the right edge. after the XR7 is placed - the Cougar script should be spaced 3/4 to the left of the XR7.

Hope this helps

Thanks - did find an original paint trunk lid - now just to measure.

Will post what I find on that one and post for comparison

Thanks again for the effort