72 Convertible Cat XR7 AC

yrs ago i replaced the AC compressor on my baby…well now its starting to scream again.

i believe it wll be a matter of time before it seizes. with that said, i am looking at alternatives to outright replacement as i dont want to incur the costs for the conversion to the new freon. i never use the AC here in tucson. i drive one of the other cars!

with that said, i am hearing about a AC compressor delete pulley kit that can be installed. i looked it up on West Coast Cougar to no avail. i shot them a note and they tell me it does not exsist for that yr and model. if i am not going to use it, i can take it out and get a shorter serpentine belt from NAPA…well that sounds much less expensive and much less hassle…so today i stopped by an old timers place that has been turning wrenches for decades on all kinds of cars.

when i told him what i wanted to do, he agreed w/ WCC and said take it out, getting a shorter belt. now i am looking to this highly distinquished group of cat bretheren for their opinions!

i am not worried about value, originality, etc as it is a driver! please take a few minutes, shoot me your thoughts, opinions and experiences. i look forward to the conversations…

You can buy a new sanden 508 compressor thats got seals set up for your original type refridgerant (r12)
If your system is full,you may not need any additional refrigerant $$$

Classic Auto Air sells Sanden compressor conversion kits that have everything you need to replace the original.

If you’re running the OE belts and pulleys, the AC compressor runs on it’s own belt. You can simply remove the belt and go on your merry way. If the system is making noise all the time, it’s going to be one of the idler pulleys, or the AC compressor clutch bearing itself. If the compressor is knocking or making noises, that’s another thing entirely.

Many Ford products of that era had service valves on the compressor that isolated it from the rest of the system. You could R&R the compressor quite easily this way. .

thanks all for getting back to me…its part of the serpentine belt and is not on its own, ie, the compressor.
can i take the serpentine belt off and measure for a shorter belt to run the alternator, etc. ? i understand i can get it at NAPA…thanks in advance for your responses…

You might be able to run a shorter belt, but that depends on the layout of what I assume is an aftermarket serpentine belt system. Can you post a pic of your pulley setup?