72 XR7 convertible seat upholstery

So what is everyone doing for seat upholstery for the 71-73 XR7’s? I see WCCC doesn’t sell the XR7 upholstery but evidently John’s and Mustang Market do. Mustang Market says the center of the seat trim is blank and doesn’t contain the Cougar. What would be the issue with using 71-73 Mustang deluxe seat upholstery other than it not quite being right until I could possibly have my original covers repaired? I thought about Cougar deluxe, but they are almost twice the price of the Mustang covers and since I eventually want to have it back stock, I can’t justify spending the extra on the non correct Cougar covers as I’m trying to make it look more presentable to drive while I’m fixing the other issues with the car. Thanks, Matt

I would think you’ll be way ahead to just find a good upholstery shop to fix your originals. Why spend money on something you’re just going to replace.

Well, I’ll look into that option first, but I’m leaning towards the Mustang kit for a small fraction of the cost, plus I have an extra set of front buckets I could use to install them on. Thanks!

Distinctive Industries used to be able to separate the original “T-bar” inserts with the Cougar from old seats, freshen them up and integrate them into the new seat covers. We used to cut out those inserts from parts cars and send them to them. Unfortunately, they’re not doing this anymore. But if you still have yours, I’d save 'em just in case. A talented upholsterer could probably integrate those into new covers, if you keep the old ones as a pattern for them to use.

That’s what I was thinking the original leather isn’t so bad, but the leather Inserts in the seat bottoms have come loose at the front edge of the seat on both seats. I’ll check with some local upholstery shops and see what they can do. Thanks!

We have a few good ones. What color are you after?

Mine are white. They can be saved. I just need to find a competent shop willing to do the work. The back seat looks fine, just seems to have shrunk a bit with age.

I sacrificed the material from my convertible top boot. It matched the medium ginger material in my 73 xr-7 perfectly, although it’s vinyl, not leather. I believe that the top boots are available but haven’t ordered a replacement yet.