Thank you for allowing me to join.
ISO vin# 7F91C643445
I sold it in 1983/1984 in Knoxville Tennessee.
Color: Fawn #22249 (Cream color) w/ Tan interior
Base 289-2bbl

I had it registered w/ CCOA and it is still in my name…

Would love the chance to find it (buy it)
Any info would be greatly appreciated
Sorry about sideways pic

Andy Baker

Those first Cougars have a way of getting a hold on you. Looks great, I hope you can find it.

Sold her to buy a '73 Corvette (That one is in the junk yard). Stayed w/ the corvettes for the last 35+ years (82 and 05 in the garage).

Need project, thought I would give it a shot to find her…