8F91C574598 reporting in

I’m now 3rd owner. 2nd owner had since 96 and treated her gentle. Now has 46,400 miles.
Air breather says 302 - but it’s probably a 289 like the vin and Marti report says.
No sign of major work. My Mechanic says a tierod had been changed. Dual exhaust done.
Extremely clean. I’ve been working on the paint. It’s original Caribbean blue poly (code U)
Have one taillight out that a bulb didn’t cure.
Been showing it a little. It turns some heads.

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Interesting. The original owner was likely Hertz.

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I think it was a lady. I got the bill of sale given to 2nd owner. I actually have lots of receipts I haven’t gone through- I’ll rectify that …

The order type says”Fleet to be repurchased “ which is identical to all the Hertz Marti Reports that I have.

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Maybe your right. I did more digging and found the previous owner (1996-2022) got it from a dealer in New Mexico-

There may be a different rental car company that had a similar deal with L-M as Hertz did but so far I have not encountered any of their Marti Reports. The Hertz ones are unique so far as I know in that they say “Fleet - To Be Repurchased” as the Order Type.

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Cool info. I’ll keep digging - will see if original dealer still in biz -

I have always wondered if mine was an ex rental. Not a Hertz rental but some other guy…My Marti shows “Fleet”

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That’s the type of Marti I would expect to see for Avis, etc. Unlike Hertz, the “other guys” were not owned by Ford.

My original dealer not in business. But I believe you’re probably correct- how many Marti reports do you see ?

Since I am the XR7-G Registrar I get hundreds of them from XR7-G owners so a lot. The Hertz XR7-G’s are the first 200 of them. Here’s an example - notice the “Order Type”.

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Great looking car! I was particularly interested in your Marti report. My wife’s car was also Caribbean Blue Poly with an aqua vinyl interior. Same engine, transmission and rear axle. The VIN numbers are about 600 numbers apart, but her car was built in Dearborn on the same day, June 7, 1968. She bought the car in New Jersey June 25, 1968.

That’s wild. Built on same day!
Is it as nice as the pic suggests ?
How long has she had it ?

I found
The original sales receipt. Or something similar. Maybe not a rental purchase. Hmm

The agreement shows that the car was sold in “USED” condition on June 22, 1968 by Johnson Motors - Not Bountiful Lincoln Mercury - to Ms Goetzenberger. Presumably after it and the rest of the fleet were repurchased. Might be worth a call to Kevin to see what he can tell you about the rest of the fleet.