8F93S517005 - '68 XR7-G at Mecum Indy May 2023

390/325 HP V-8


Black Cherry

Dark Red


  • Original drivetrain
  • Very rare Hertz XR7-G Package
  • Factory fleet car per Marti Report
  • Later shipped to Merlin Motor Co. in Camden, New Jersey
  • Comprehensive restoration
  • Matching numbers S-code 390/325 HP V-8 engine
  • Matching numbers C6 automatic transmission
  • Factory Whisper-Aire air conditioning
  • Sunroof installed by American Sunroof Company
  • Black Cherry with Black vinyl top


  • Power steering
  • Power brakes with front discs
  • Dark Red leather interior
  • Bucket seats and center console
  • Tilt-away steering column
  • AM radio
  • Tinted glass

What’s with the funky pinstripes?

Seen the car in person last year.

If dark color cars got light pin stripes, what color stipes should it have?


Are the pinstripes, not normal? I don’t know much about pinstripes.

They are probably better done and less irregular than originally. The pin stripes are also thicker than originals. Generally they are in the shape and location of the originals.

Looks like the Hertz G brought 55k - which is a tad disappointing. They estimated it at 80k - 100k.

Needed work but a solid starting point for a very cool XR7-G.

  • Phillip

I saw the car at Mecum. The bright lights helped that car a bunch. Cool car, but not very nice in person

As the old saying goes: " Good from far, and far from good ! "

I looked at the XR7-G in November at the lady’s house in New Jersey. I would say it sold for way more than I would give for it.

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Interesting, that says a lot obviously -

  • Phillip

Cool. My Hertz G project is 8F93S547008, just 3 cars later and mine was also shipped to Merlin Motor Co in Camden, NJ. They must have been sister cars. I wish mine was Black Cherry instead of white though.

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Oh man, white can look great on these cars though!

But I understand. White is a very common color today, so it would kind of blend in with the crowd wherever you go :-/