9 inch id tag WES-AH

Looking for an original 9 inch id tag WES-AH with 3:00. Datecode around September, 1969 (9JC, 9JD or 9JE would be perfect)



Bump! Any leads?

Thats going to be hard to find have you tried Ebay ?

Tried everything!

I looked at the Marti Auto Works website and they make reproduction rear axle tags :


Good luck with getting the tag you need.

  1. Looking for original first.

  2. https://www.martiauto.com/tags.cfm

Temporarily out of stock!

Still looking

Marti Auto stopped making all tags more than 1 year ago. I have personally talked with Kevin about re-starting them, but there are no plans to do so in the near future. The reproduction tags may never be available again. Sad news…

Did Kevin give any reason why he has stopped making the tags?

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Reproduction tag located! One of the first from a new supplier.

Who is the new supplier?

Think he will tell when he is ready.

Please let us know soon - I have several I need ASAP

Me too!

Looks decent - where to buy them?

The producer is notified. Thinks he would respond when he is ready.

I heard the name Ed Meyer regarding tags, but can’t confirm and haven’t found contact info yet.


Click on the link above. Ed is on the 428CJ forum a lot. “Special Ed” on many forums.