9F91H588827 barn find Bright Blue 3 Speed - manual

1969 Cougar Coupe barn find in KY. picked this up to add to the others. Marti report very none option car, no power brakes, no power steering, No radio, manual transmission. H code but a 69 4 bbl intake was added to the 351W at some point. Car is pretty solid all metal, non-wrecked except front valance, no bondo, from texas at one time.
9F91H588827_dlxrpt.pdf (240 KB)

added right side picture.

That has to be about the lowest optioned Cougar I have ever seen. Cool Cat!

Right? It’s practically a Mustang.

It all depends on what you want.

You drive a car like this. Everything is very deliberate. The steering is heavy in a parking lot but very direct on the road. The brakes require effort, but you can modulate them much more precisely. You have to be involved with what the engine is doing, listening to the revs and then smoothly making the shift and engaging the clutch.

In traffic this can be tiring. Ease of operation: none found. Out for a cruise in a suburban or rural area is a blast. You have to participate in the process. You are driving not riding.

This is the perfect car to build or resto mod. The first, and possibly only thing i would change is the transmission. I would stick a 5 speed in it and never look back

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I would only add one other thing to what Bill stated. If you put a 5 speed in it (which I would 100% agree with), you would definitely need to do something with the 2.75 rear gear as well.

You may also want to install a passenger side mirror with that 5 speed.

I overlooked the 2.75 ratio rear gear. With the 5 speed I would probably look at 3.25 to 3.9 ratios.

You may also want to install a passenger side mirror


With no options would that make this a one of one, increasing its marketing hype… :rofl:

Very similar to my 69 convertible, though mine did have the AM radio. I did the restomod with a 5 speed and 3.70 rear end. Next step is to replace the PO installed mild 351 Cleveland with a rowdy 393” stroker Cleveland this spring.

It’s a great color too.

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