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Wanted to find out what I could regarding the current status of the registry and how I could get information regarding it? I believe my car is already registered? I was in contact with Jim Pinkerton and Randy Goodling back in the mid nineties regardiing my car. Unfortunately life caught up with me for a while and I’ve not been able to keep up with the hobby. I still have the car, which has been in dry storage for the last 15 years. The car was involved in a minor accident which damaged some front sheet metal, unfortunately. I’ve been gathering parts all this time (I now have eight parts cars), and hope to start the rebuild soon (am currently “Frankenstiening” a “play car” to get some experience before I dive into the “real” car). Anyway, I was hoping to gather some information regarding the status of my car within the registry. I know there was some speculation regarding the car being very early production, but I don’t know where it comes in order of production, number of sunroof cars with this color combo (white with blue interior, I know of one other at least, there were 161 total Eiminators according the Marti Report), etc. Any information that would flesh out anything particular regarding this car would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

I am guessing that this is an Eliminator? VIN sequence falls on the first day of production, which was April 1, 1969.
Look on your door tag, is the code for the date 01D ?

Scott, yes it is an Eliminator, one of the 22 in the Registry with a 01D scheduled build date.

Kristopher, yes your vehicle is in the registry. It is the second lowest serial number known. There maybe some between yours and Mark P’s (559473) which is confirmed by Kevin Marti as the lowest Eliminator serial number. In 1969, there were 101 sunroof Eliminators and the registry knows of 3 that were white. My guess based on knowing that there were 406 white Eliminators in 1969, that the number with sunroofs would be somewhere around 18.

Yes, this is an Eliminator. Sorry, assumed that would be understood posting on this section. This is an 01D Date Code Car, Interior Code 5B (Blue Vynyl High Back Buckets, Eliminator Interior), DSO 17, 65A Body (Cougar Hdtp), Color Code “M” (White Ext).

Hope this helps.

You can find links to Registrars at the CCOA Registry page.

The eliminator registrar is a member here and may join in this thread. (edit: He did while I was typing)

Awesome! Appreciate the information Dave! I’m looking forward to getting more involved with people in the Hobby with Cougars and especially other Eliminator owners more and more. Thanks again!

Thanks! I am planning on re-upping my CCOA Membership very soon! (Hopefully will be forgiven for letting it lapse for the last few years…)

Interesting, I had heard that there were approximately 27 or so Sunroof Elminators accounted for? (just saw the edit, 3 white ones, got it!)

Has the story behind these cars ever been fully fleshed out? I remember something about all 101 being ordered for Hertz and used as rentals initially?


Post up a picture or two if you get a chance. Can’t wait to hear more about your car, and the progression of your work!

Believe me, nothing much to look at right now. The car has already been stripped to the unibody and doors, all parts labelled and stored. I have one old pic that I took right after I bought it… Car was hit one week later… I’ll try to dig it up and digitize it. I’m looking forward to getting started in earnest on it, but likely it will be another year before I do. Thanks for the interest!

Welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. It dosen’t matter the state of your Eliminator, post up the pictures when you have a chance. A low number sunroof Eliminator sounds like a choice Cougar. :ylsuper:

The only Eliminator I would own would be a white. Just not into the psychedelic colors.

I finally dug up a pic of the car. I’ve scanned it (it’s a Polaroid, so quality is not so great), but I don’t have a place to upload pics, could someone help? :help:

Here is a link with detailed instructions on pictures


Send it to me at b3cat68 ‘at’ outlook ‘dot’ com and I’ll post it for you.