9F91M580089 - Bright Yellow / Black Int


Listed on CraigsList in Miami / Belle Glade, FL - Nov 2013 - $5700


1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator. Original Classic Muscle Car. Yeah it’s a real Eliminator. Have Marty Report to prove it. Designed by Larry Shinoda who designed the Boss. Styling cues include special side Graphics, Front Chain Spoiler, original Hood Scoop, new rear deck lid Wing Spoiler. Runs good, and sounds good. 351 Windsor, now a 302. Automatic Transmission. Power Steering. Power Brakes. Factory Air Conditioning. Deluxe Interior High back bucket seats with Woodgrain Appointments. Tilt Steering with Rim Blow Steering Wheel. Tach. 2-Speed Wiper System, Sport mirror. Stock Condition. Factory Style Steel Wheels with B.F. Goodrich Raised White Letter Tires. Complete Car and Intact. Originally Yellow. Many New Parts, too many to list. Car is very presentable. Some rust in cowl area and corners of door. Floors replaced. Have Keys and Title Ready. Priced to Sell. $5,700 Call for full description and make appointment to come take a look. Call (561) 261-7186 Will deliever to port for exporters. This car is rare and hard to find. VIN # 9F91M580089

I spoke with the seller - a nice guy, named Marc Schultz. He is a registrar for X-code cars. He says he pretty much focuses on the mustang end, but is aware that they came in the cougars too.

He had this to say about the car;

When he bought it the car had mismatched hood, trunk and door, so he had the car painted to match it all up and decided to go with black.
Some rust in the cowl, and in the driver’s door pillar in the hinge area.
Previous owner added power disc brakes, AC, console.
Marc said there is a console in it, but it isn’t in the picture in his CL listing.
Also, I don’t see an AC compressor in the pics, but I see the vents and lines to the ac radiator.
It also has wood grain dash added, and a ’70 tilt wheel column.
Also has the XR-7 style switches in the dash.
Marc says that the codes and Marti show it was a 3-speed manual, but he saw no signs of a hole for the 3-speed clutch linkage, and it came without the clutch pedal.
The car came with the hood scoop, but not with the rear spoiler. Marc added a spoiler but isn’t sure if it is correct or not.

Marc also told me he has a serious potential buyer in Maryland and will be sure to point him toward the Eliminator Registry site.


Mike, I gotta ask… When a car is this far from how it came from the factory, is it really any better than a well done clone? I mean, other than being able to say it started life as an Eliminator (well, still an “Eliminator,” I guess) what does it bring to the party that a well done clone wouldn’t?

This is how it was explained to me once. It makes sense, and still holds true…

It pretty much costs the same to restore a complete rare, desirable car as it does to restore a complete “plain jane” car. But after the restoration, which one is worth more, and is more desirable?

Decent 351 / auto Clone cars are often priced in the mid-Teens, and at that price often take a while to sell. Decent 351 / auto Eliminators are usually priced in the mid to high teens, and will usually sell in a timely manner. I used a 351/auto as an example because you see those the most - clone and real.

Lets say you get this one for $5k, and put $20k in parts and paint and work into it (arguably close to what it would “need”). It would probably be worth around $15k, or more. But if you got a similar '69 standard or even XR7 for the same $5k, and then put that same $20k into cloning it… what would it be worth, maybe 15k?

That being said, this car still has “bragging rights” of being a real Eliminator come sale time. How much that adds to the value… well, I guess it depends on the buyer, eh? I don’t remember the last time we saw a driver Eliminator marketed for under $10k. Yeah, it needs alot, but for under $10k they usually do! LOL! I could see a high school kid picking this up and being able to brag that he had a real Eliminator as his driver!

In my book, if you are going to make a clone car then go the extra mile and do a 4-speed clone. I bet it would be an easier sell :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, this is just my thoughts on it. The details and end results and goals of restoration / restomodding could be debated without end!


Curious if the VIN number has been confirmed on this car. With so many changes I’d want to be sure the hidden numbers all match.

I think that you have said it pretty well Mike. If someone is going to bring a car back to stock you might as well start with something on the special side, like this Eliminator. Far worse condition cars have been brought back to stock. As long as the numbers match up and the rust is not too bad I think that this car would be a great deal for someone.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95