9f92m504079 1969

Just acquired from local family after primarily sitting in garage since 2005.

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Wow! Looks to be in great shape. Congrats!

Welcome! Nice car. That looks like a 351 Cleveland engine not the original Windsor. Cleveland’s were introduced in 1970. Nothing wrong with the Cleveland, if it is a 4V many would prefer it.

Congratulations and nice find!

The VIN says that it was born a Standard Model Cougar convertible. XR7 parts must have been added at some point.

Found the car by chance and knew somethings were not original but upon seeing how solid it was(usual dings and dents for 54 years), knew this was a great Sunday driver with a little TLC.

Very tastefully upgraded over the years. A standard aqua decore interior from the seats, door panels and steering wheel, with XR7 upgrade instruments, passenger panel and console lid cover. I converted one of my 69 standard coupes to XR7 instruments in an afternoon, so if you have the right cluster and harness, it installs like factory. Gorgeous car!