A bit of weather

In the foothills of Golden, we had a bit of snow. Hard to say how much as the wind was crazy for over 16 hours, mostly blizzard conditions.

Similar by me in Illinois. Snow and freezing rain. March came in like a lamb and is going full lion so far.

Brrrr!! Stay safe and warm!

At least the ‘kitty’ in the first image is sufficiently high up ( almost in the trees ! ) to keep its paws dry. Spring weather is really unpredictable when you’re next door to the Rocky Mountains !

I don’t miss that. :open_mouth:

Yay, go skiing!!!

Which is EXACTLEY why we moved to Oregon! Don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Record books say it was the 4th largest snow event in Denver since 1850s but the official weather station is at the airport which has moved out east which doesn’t get as much during these upslope storms. But was a good two foot plus dump of heavy wet snow. 1" water per foot so like moving concrete. I was luckier than Bill as didn’t get any major drifts. That and I have a home rather than a “Cougar Compound” :wink:

Sill pretty sloppy out there but will be history by the weekend as will be in the 60s. Gotta love Colorado weather!

We had light snow in Tucson on Saturday morning, the storm before it headed to Colorado.

Holy Balls! We live in the upper, N.W. part of, Montana and it’s a weather perfection here! Gotta love that global warming! Haha…

Yes, we were dumped on in the Denver metro area…around 24”+ at our house. Had to put the Cougar back in storage to get the rest of our vehicles inside.

We got two feet here in Alaska the past few days and now it is raining and blowing 35! Yuck!