A/C Compressor Rebuild service or specialist for Tecumseh style

Looking for someone who can rebuild an AC compressor - Tecumseh style. Know someone who can do that? Or does someone sell a rebuilt unit? My best friend’s 1968 Lincoln Continental needs one ASAP, as his is knocking quite badly and it was 103F here today, ouch…thanks, Scott

Classic Auto Air in Tampa rebuilds them. Not cheap, plus the shipping $$!! You fill out their form online and they call you.

I tried Original Air to rebuild mine but it has been a month and I have still not heard from them. I drained the oil and opened mine up and it was in excellent condition. Ordered the seal kits and a new pulley bearing from NPD. It was a very easy reassembly! I believe you can order a new/rebuilt unit for less than a Original Air restoration. Mine was a York 210.

If the original compressor is knocking badly chances are it is not repairable. Look on eBay. likely there is an NOS one for sale.

I have about 5 of them on the shelf in my barn. Used/were working units. Cheap. 248 867-3522