A/C control switch 69/70

Looking for a working A/c control vacuum switch 1969/70
Naples, Florida 239 776 9967


It’s not clear that they have any available (maybe you’ve already checked) but here is one potential lead.

If this is the switch you require [ Ford called it “switch assy ( Damper Door )” p/n C9ZZ-19B888-A ( YH-22 )] and was used for 1969-72 ( up to 1/3/72 ) Cougars and Mustangs. NOS is not common, but not rare. The last one I saw on eBay was in February, and sold for 75 USD. WCCC doesn’t have them in stock, but they do have the complete A/C controller ( dash mounted ) unit, used, which has the damper door switch as part of the entire assembly. Their price is 200 dollars.

For everyone’s future reference… I found one from “The Parts Guy” in Tampa Florida. Amongst other items, he specializes in these controls and is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy. Even offered to help troubleshoot my problem over the phone. Around $100, prompt service and comes with a guarantee.
Lessons learned; these switches almost never go bad, if you have a problem it is most probably somewhere else.
Any bit of contamination in the vacuum lines will block the tiny, tiny little ports on the inside of the switch that distributes vacuum to the different actuators (my problem).