A different Export Brace & Monte Carlo rig

I have a '69 vert that I am looking to stiffen up a bit and hopefully prevent any future shock tower issues. I have been eyeballing WCCC’s kit and also thinking about adding a Monte Carlo bar.

I came across this set up from a Mustang forum:

It seems like it’d be a good idea to attach the Monte Carlo to the shock towers as well instead of the fender apron, however I am not even close to an authority on such matters. At $280 it is quite a bit more spendy than picking up a good export brace and a standard Monte Carlo.

Anybody have one of these rigs? Anyone with some structural / engineering knowledge able to offer some insight? For a daily driver is this overkill?


I would think it would do about the same thing. It could be a stronger set-up for the bars themselves compared to the factory stamped brace. With all of that said, both units are triangulated so it will prevent flexing issues. What look are you going for stock or restomod?

If the goal is to eliminate flexing, then why use flexible joints at the ends of the rods? Seems to me this will only stop movement along lines parallel to the bars. The Scott Drake export bar is extremely stiff and because it mounts solidly to the cowl and shock towers, works against flex in all directions.

I’ve always woundered about that myself?? Seems like all the aftermarket companies offer them with flexible joints. :eh:

In this case I am looking for restomod, so whatever works best. So is the consensus that the a stamped export brace and Monte Carlo would be just as effective? That wouldn’t be bad news considering it is half the price!

Is all this overkill for a car that goes to and from work and to the store?! Given that my car is a convertible, how much should I worry about shock tower fatigue when I’m not cornering like a beast?

Depends how quick you want to get the groceries. Anything worth doing is worth over doing I always say.


this is what i have, i modified it to make it fit my efi intake

This setup looks extremely ridged. I like the look of the factory export brace and the Monte Carlo bar but if I had to change it would be to something like this.

That’s pretty slick, the same in that it links everything to the shock tower but without the flexible rod ends.

My thinking is that if I do NOT do something like this I may be in for trouble in the future because of all the flex the car does, even under my not-so-aggressive driving style. One of the many increased worries that comes with a convertible.

But I prefer my cars like I prefer my women, gorgeous and topless.

I built a setup like in the original post, with weld on brackets and heim joints. It stiffened the car up considerably, as long as you have the bars tight. The joints dont flex as long as you have all the bars in, I left the monte carlo bar out once after working on it and it had lots of flex, and handled terribly. Put the bar back in and tightened them all up and drove like it was on rails again.