A PAIR OF SEVEN'S and a 1/2

All I 've been doing for the last two weeks in my spare time is moving Cougars and parts. Picked up two 67 Cougars and most of a parts car as well. Both are from long term owners (20 to 30 years) that have decided they would never finish. Both are 67 Polar white Cougars. One original from Beverly Hills CA and the other from Seatle area and in about the same condition. The seatle Cougar I’ve know about was 20 miles from me, and the Beverly Hills cougar was about 120 miles away advertised on WCCC classfied.

Pictured is the 67 Polar white with red decor interior (seatle project). Interior is nice only needing a dash pad and the front seat recovered. The body needs driver side floor pan repaired and a spot on the driver side quarter panel. Original drive train still in the Cougar. Started it yesterday after removing the Motgomery Wards battery lol… the starter took right off. Poored some gas in the carb and she came right to life after 25 plus years. Don’t know for sure yet what direction I’m going to take with this one.

More pictures of the seatle project.

The beverly Hills project (the celebrity) came from an owner that has had it for 30 years. It is a 67 polar white with blue decor interior. Interior not to bad but faded. Needs front driver side floor pan and some quarter panel work in a couple of spots. The owner removed the deck/window panel (don’t know why?) that will need repaired. I originally thought this would be parted out, but was surprized on how nice the condition of the body, so I’ll save this one as well. The original 289 engine had a cracked cylinder wall and was replaced with a 302. no plans yet on what direct to take wih this one either. Can’t load pictures of this one no matter how small I make the file size. I will try again later.

Couldn’t load them, so here is a link to the photobucket folder.


The parts vault. All the part from the two 67 Cougars. Also extra parts from a 67 light Aqua XR-7 parts car and some new parts and repo sheet metal as well.
I have less then $1,500 invested in all the 67 Cougars and parts.

More Cougar parts vault pictures.

Wow, looks like two very worthy projects. Someones got the cat fever. And (need I say it?), well bought at that.


Less than $1500 in all that?? You, sir, as they say on Garage Journal, SUCK!!!

Nice score(s)!

(Nice color on the blue fenders/hood…I like!)

You are definitely showing advanced symptoms. When someone who already owns a G and a Boss 302 starts dragging home '67 small block projects it indicates you are severely infected. Fortunately, although the disease is incurable, it isn’t usually terminal.

Depends on the spouse!!! I’d be pushing up daisies in a hurry if I drug those home!!!

[quote]Fortunately, although the disease is incurable, it isn’t usually terminal.{/quote]

Fortunately or unfortunately? wondering,wondering, that is a nice stock pile of parts and 2 nice projects.

No spouse, so I don’t have to approve or justify my actions, but a understanding girl friend that still wounders why so many cars? I usually answer “it’s either this or hanging out in bars and chasing other women” then she realizes the cars are cool! I usually keep car parts out of the house, that is the line I draw for my self. But, this had to take over a spare room in the basement.
Mainly planning on one being a project with my son, but wasn’t planning on two restorable Cougars. He is going to drive the 69 standard some in return for working on this project. Little does he know he will end up with a 67 in the end :shh:
I left a standing offer on the seatle project awhile ago at 1,000 and after a few months on Craig’s list at $3,000 he said come and get it, but stop by and take me for a ride when completed. The celebrity was on WCCC ads and asking $2,500 and he said I was the only one that showed interest. He was ready to take it to the scrap yard and said I could have it for scrap value $400.
We could put the seatle project back to stock, but that just doesn’t get me excited to do that. Thinking about a gun metal grey color, blacked out grille some torque thrust wheels, and disc brakes. I think that would look good with the red interior.
The celebrity project I’ve been kicking around making a track cougar out of it… still undecided on both. :problem:

Nice score on the Cougars. I just went to a car show and I had a gentleman tell me of three Cougars about 70 miles from me. His cousin is selling all three for 1500 since her husband has passed away. Two are 68’s and one 67. I have the vin for the 67 it’s a XR-7, the 68’s I have not received the info on yet. Hopefully they’ll be GT-E’s or G cars :pray: !

Congrats, Wow! what a deal. They really do look good and the parts to boot. Some people just live in the right places. You just don’t see many here at all.
Steven, I think you better pray real hard, that would be cool though. If you go to see them put up some picks.

John Baumann usually gets most of the Cougars in this area. Just have to get while the getting is good…
I’m open to suggestions and opinions on what to do with the two projects??

Send one to Oklahoma…:poke:

Guess I asked for that one :laughing: I’ll sent it to you with detailed instruction on what I want done and you can return it when finished. I here you work for free and I’ll throw in a 15 yr old helper just supply food… I’ll cover the shipping cost. :shifty:

LOL, you supply materials, I may take you up on that…would give me something to do, and wouldn’t need the boss’ approval! “It’s Brian’s money, dear…”…keep the 15 y.o., I’ve an 11 and a 6 already…both of them are about to send us to the grocery poor-house! (both boys).

Let me know if there’s anything you need and don’t have. I’m in the mood to clear s’more shelf space off. 248-867-3522 -Ray

Ok, Ray. Dash pads are the only part I really need. One may be save-able. Another hood and trunk lid in better shape would save some work on one of them.

Still waiting on pictures in the mail. I called this morning and no answer. :frowning: I am going to try to line up seeing them today. Just waiting on the phone call.