"A" pillar pads?

I was checking NPD for replacement pillar pads, and for Cougar, they didn’t have much. Mustang, on the other hand showed many different colors-
Is there that much difference in length, or what?
my 68 came with a ‘turquoise’ interior, and similar exterior color. I’m still debating on what the car will look like when done, and this is just part of the process. I got it out on black top for the first time with the new, used 5.0 HO from a 93 Cougar, and it seemed happy when I pulled 6K with it. Smoke a goodly amount, but probably from sitting and idle run time while getting set up- If I can get the heater blend door problem resolved, itwill be the new commuter soon-

There’s no difference in length because 1965 - 68 Mustang used the same windshield and trim as 1967 - 68 Cougar. The Mustang pillar pads will fit and look fine if you dye them to match.

That’s kind of what I was thinking, that they were the same, but then I wondered why NPD wouldn’t market them better?

It’s a bummer that they don’t have them in saddle.