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I am after some info on a Cougar race car from 1967 if anyone can help at all .

A bud Moore cougar number 41 Driven by Allan Moffat . Allan successfully tested for Bud Moore Engineering who was contracted to run the Mercury race team. Team cars were painted red and silver, but Allan’s Aussie background, his ( Cougar was green and gold ). I found a small Photo of it but looking for any info and pic’s if anyone can help. The 1 i have is very small and cant even make out much detail on it

I have been sent some Pics of it and some people on Facebook have been fantastic with some help and one person said people in this forums maybe able to help find more info on the 67 Cougar number 41 .

Looking to see what races it was in were it finished and if it dint finish what happened and what happened to the car after Allan stopped racing it.

I am looking to build a 1967 tribute car and looking for as much info as possible and also what Decals of what sponsors were on it and what they look like.

I thank all whom can help …

Venom68 don’t know that I have ever heard of the #41 Cougar. Welcome to the CCC.

Here’s a little bit of info:
Sept 10th-Modesto, 20th DNF
Sept 17th-Riverside,28th DNF
Oct 1st-Las Vegas,16th DNF
Oct 8th-Kent,WA 5th


Race #9 Crow’s Landing (CA)
Car #1 (#98) w/Ed Leslie started 6th, finished 6th
Note: This is the 1st race for Allan Moffat in a Cougar prepared by BME & maintained by Moffat’s crew. According to Bud Moore in a taped interview in July 2003, BME simply repainted one of their current cars in the green & gold Allan Moffat colors. This car AKA Car #3, was the most modified of the 3 Cougars & was equipped w/a slightly de-tuned engine w/the hope that it would finish if the team cars failed.

At the conclusion of the 1967 Trans-Am season, all 3 cars (including the Moffat car) were returned to BME. Allan Moffat worked at BME for a short time after the season but then returned to Australia. The car he had driven remained at BME. (source: correspondence w/Allan Moffat historian)


There are some shot of Moffat’s car in this video


That is some tough luck with his DNF’s. Didn’t team Cougar miss winning the championship by two points to the Mustang? How many DNF did team Cougar have compared to the Mustangs?

HI all … Thanks for the welcome …

A little about me . I first seen a Cougar when i was around 19 fell on love with it even though i didn’t know what it was and said i wanted one … Well 43 now and have got my self a 68 cougar 1 of 210 built in 1968 with black trim , black paint , factory 3 speed manual , and air conditioning . In the middle of rebuilding her to her former glory.

Here are some pics I have of the green and gold BME Cougar.

As Leon stated in his post, it is believed that Moffatt’s car is one of the original BME silver and red Cougars repainted green and gold (notice it has a red hood in one pic). It is referred to as Car 3 (of the 3 Cougars that Bud Moore Engineering built for the 1967 Trans-Am).

Car 3 raced at Daytona, Sebring, Green Valley (where it came in 1st with Dan driving), Lime Rock, Mid Ohio, Bryar, Marlboro, Continental Divide (finished 2nd with Ed Leslie driving), Crowe’s Landing (now green and gold #41 with Moffatt driving finished 20th), Riverside (Moffatt finished 28th), Las Vegas (Moffatt finished 16th), Kent (Moffatt finished 5th).

It has been noted that when the car was given to Moffatt to drive the engine was slightly de-tuned in the hope that it would finish if the “team” cars failed.

Car 3 was more than likely taken by Bud into the NASCAR Baby Grand series for 1968. Possibly sold to Ronnie Hopkins and driven by “little” Bud Moore (no relation).


I like to say thank you to all for the info you have given …

You are more than welcome.

A friend of mine is building a tribute BME Cougar that is similar to the Moffatt Cougar. Tho, his is black and gold instead of green and gold.

He had a thread about the build over at mc.net.

BTW - do you live in Oz

That is a good looking color combo. Striking in black and gold. Propayne could you post a link to the topic at MC.net. I remember seeing pictures of this car but can’t remember the details about the build.

No problem Steven. Here is a link to rarecat’s thread:


Thanks for the quick reply propayne. The youtube video of the start up sounds good. Would love to see more pictures of the car. I like the over all idea of this build.

That is some very cool history on the Cougars. While I was primarily a Mustang fan, I always thought the Cougars were sharp. Thanks on my behalf.

His cougar looks sweet. Will look wonderful when finished. I love cars painted in black. Yes i live I Australia. I have looked every were to find info on Moffats Cougar.