A video of Carlisle 2022

This was my trip to Carlisle in 2022. It took a while putting this video together, as I spent a lot of time reminiscing at all the pics. Carlisle is one of my favorite shows and 2023 is coming up fast.
If you haven’t been to Carlisle All Ford or are on the fence about going, you may want to give yourself a nudge to this awesome event. There is still time to book hotel and showfield is always available. Even if you come down for Saturday, it is worth the trip.

I hope you enjoy the video:


That was absolutely wonderful Mark! Boy, that sure got me in the mood for this year’s show.

What did you get pulled over for on the drive down?

  • Phillip

Thanks for posting this. That is a bucket list show for me. I can’t do it this year. But I better plan on being there in 2024.

Glad you guys liked the video. I got pulled over because I didnt have a Map and the gps was relentless in putting me on the Taconic Parkway. No commercial vehicles or trailers are allowed. I was only on there for about 100 feet before i saw lights. I only had one exit to go. The officer was really cool. Luckily i made it to Redline Diner on time.
No wagon this year. I’ll be driving a Cougar.

Thanks Mark, that was a great event and I’m looking forward to going back this year! And thanks again for helping troubleshoot my distributor wiring issue, lol!

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Glad I could help out. See you there!

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Mark being Mark…


HA! yeah. It is a fun time. It’s tough for some people to find anyone local to them that are qualified to make repairs to a Cougar. Sometimes they pay an arm and a leg and things still aren’t right. It’s great when we can make a minor repair to make a big difference. Or, if something happens while driving to the show and they are worried about getting home. It’s gratifying to make a quick fix and relieve their worry. Sometimes it’s as simple as one clogged carb orifice or ignition timing.

The 10% discount ends at midnight tonight.

If you sign up - don’t forget to choose "Cougar Club PA/NJ/Delmarva.


  • Phillip

Carlisle is getting here quick. Normally it could never be too quick, but…I have a TON of work to do on the car I am planning (hoping) to take.

Is everyone else ready???

Really putting maximum effort into getting the G there this year. Needs a front end rebuild and was hoping to get that done in time, but is perfectly drivable as is.

  • Phillip

Yes, bring the G!!! If it drives fine, it might be best to leave well enough alone until after Solomon.

Phillip…how is it G coming along? My project is going to cut it close. For a couple weeks I’ve been here all weekend and til midnight after work…still a long way to go.

You are amazing Mark - I wish you and Paul lived closer.

I’m putting off rebuilding my front end until after Carlisle, I actually ordered 4 new tires yesterday and they are supposed to come in Wednesday or Thursday. My shop found BF Goodrich Radial T/As but could only get 3 from one source and then getting the 4th from another. Those are getting harder to find.

Besides the new tires I’m going to be as prepared for any rain the best I can (no sunroof seal - will do that after some repairs are made to the sunroof panel). Going to order a new waterproof car cover also.

Got my show field decal and map in the mail, which is always exciting!

  • Phillip
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Are you running 14" tires? I hear they are getting hard to find. I had no problem getting 2 225/60 15s out here on the West Coast. Could have gotten a full set if I needed.

If you can’t find BFG Radial TA, another good one is Cooper Cobra.

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Factory 14" styled steel whees on the G. Had the new BF Goodrich Radial T/As mounted yesterday - so with any luck I’m good for another 6 or so years!

  • PP

my cut off for highway driving is 10 years. It’s kinda sad to take off tires with good tread because they aged out. If the car is restricted to around town and no highway I will go until they fall apart.