About the The Master Registry category

This registry includes EVERY classic Cougar. Whether you Cougar is a coucours restoration, a rusty hulk or even just a door or data tag, reporting it here adds to what we know about what became of each and every Cougar. This Registry is Maintained by Phil Parcels.

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How can I tell what motor originally came in my cougar

8R91J503861 is in an old junkyard west of Dayton Oh, or at least the driver door was until i got it.

7F91A618984 - Stored in mom’s garage since 2005. Ran great when parked. Planning on bringing it to SC to get it on the road again.

Just purchased a 68 cougar from our son in law’s mother…her husband just passed last fall and it was his dream car. Unfortunately he was not able to finish his project :cry:. We are new to cougars but love muscle cars. We are excited about the project and are amazed at all the parts and pieces he had for the car restoration.