Advice with replacing the Crank and water pump pulleys

I’m replacing my 2-grove 3-bolt crank pulley with a 3 grove pulley and I’m also replacing my water pump pulley with an aftermarket 3 grove pulley for an aftermarket A/C system that’s already installed on the engine.
Can anyone please give me any some pointers on the removal and installation of these two pulley’s?
I’m hoping I don’t have to remove the radiator, but I will if I have to.
Also does it make sense to leave the belts on to hold everything in place to initially “Break” the bolts free and then remove the belts and then remove the bolts completely?

Here’s my current pulley setup…

Here are the new Pulley’s to support a third belt A/C compressor.

Yes, I’ve found it easier to leave all the belts on and crack loose the bolts on the fan / water pump.

Also the two replacement pulleys, did they come as a matched set? So you’re sure everything is going to line back up?

The crank pulley is not for a 69 Windsor unless it comes with a adapter/locating ring.
Original 351W have a flange to locate it in the balancer.
If you mount your w/ out a locating ring it will wobble!
Hope it came w/ one.

Hints. Place a piece of cardboard cut to fit the radiator. Slide it between fan & rad, protects the fins.

The bolts for the water pump may be too long to remove fully w/ out rad removal. Leave fan in place.
Loosen bolts before belts loosen. Do not remove big center bolt in crank, only the 3 - 9/16 castellated bolts.
Use locktite when putting these back on.

They were not a matched set, but supposedly they (both) fit a 351W. For the Water Pump Pulley they were quite specific about the Crank pulley bolts (3 vs. 4) and if the water pump is driver side or passenger side (mine is passenger side). For the Crank pulley they only seemed to care if it was 3 or 4 bolts and of course how many belts it needed to handle. Hopefully it lines up correctly, fingers crossed!

Thank you for the advice.
The claim was it was from a 351W (Mustang). But I’ll see if I can verify that with the seller.
It actually has a Ford Logo on it with the part number C9ZE-6312-B.
How would I know if it has the adapter/locator ring?

That is the correct number for a 351W.

Here’s a shot of the flange

So all this got me to looking at all my crank pulleys.

Seems like I have a LOT of C5AE-B 3 groove’s. Can’t find one C9.

I have parted out many 69 & 70 w/ 351 W’s No 67/8 289/302’s w/ motors.

How could I end up w/ almost 10 of the C5 and no C9’s? My guess here is that the C5 was used until they ran out & started using the C9’s? Ford did spot weld 2 pulleys together to make 1…

Anybody got some thoughts?

Here’s a link to info…

Cougar Bill,
My pulley does not have that little flare out, it is flat. However the Balancer has a a ring protruding from it that matches the pulley’s center hole perfectly.
Could it be that the alignment ring is “stuck” to the balancer vs to the pulley? Possibly different setups? You sure yours is from a 1969 Windsor?

No alignment rings from factory. Just the flange one side or the other…

So now your gonna make me pull them off my Cats to help my brain!! :laughing:

I guess a flashlight & mirror are in order first :whistle: !!

Ok, so I started the change over and here are some pictures.
I removed the 4 screws that hold the fan shroud in place to get the shroud out of the way (didn’t remove it just could move it around as needed)
I left the belts on initially and loosened the 4 bolts that hold the fan to the water pump.
I then loosened the belts and removed them and then removed the fan blade assembly (I have the big block clutch fan upgrade on this car).
I now had easy access to the crank pulley from above and the bolts came right off with just a simple ratchet with no crank movement at all.
Once the 3 bolts were out a few taps with a rubber mallet and off came the crank pulley.
Putting it all back together with the new pulleys was straight forward.
To put the fan back in I just slightly started the lowest bolt of the 4 to locate and hold the pulley in place and worked the fan onto it.
Once I got it in place I was able to get the other 3 bolts in pretty quickly.
Tomorrow I’ll be getting two new belts and give it a start. My original belts fit but the original alternator belt was pretty beat and I’ll need a new Compressor belt.
Hopefully the crank pulley centering is ok, I guess I’ll know pretty quickly if it is not!

The new Crank pulley is about 1/2 inch larger diameter and the Water pump pulley is about an inch smaller.
The A/C compressor’s forward adjustment (to align it with the third pulley V) is about 1/2 to 3/4 inches too short (meaning it needs to come out farther toward the radiator). I’ll be talking to the A/C aftermarket people tomorrow. It’s adjustable, just not adjustable enough. Hopefully they have an extension available. If not, I’ll have to rig something!

I went looking & found that I was wrong about the pulley flange. The Windsor has the lip/flange on the balancer as you pic shows. I have just finished a 68 302 so maybe that 's where my brain was.

Main thing is that you have a flange/lip that aligns them!

So, the idea would be for you to have all the correct pulleys & then they should align. We don’t see the compressor mounting, so no idea about alignment issues.

In the past I have added A/C and 134A Sanden compressor w/ the adapter mounting plate. The plate moved forward & rearward for alignment.

Let us know as we all learn or “re-learn” in my case!!LOL

After contacting “Classic Auto Air” about my compressor alignment issue it was clear I was on my own!
So after disassembling it all and looking at how it all went together I determined it was best to just have the bracket they supplied modified to be 1" longer and have the mounting holes moved out 1" as well. My local machine shop was very helpful with this and had it done on the same day! It cost $70, but was money well spent.
I’ve attached pictures so you can see (sort of) the alignment of the pulleys. Note the A/C pulley is on the outer compressor “V”. My bracket mode should be the de-facto bracket supplied by CAA (IMHO) as it would allow for a 3 belt system or a 2 belt system (using the inner compressor “V”).

Fired up the engine today and everything ran fine. No belts went flinging off! :smiley:
Took the car around the block and the power steering worked fine, but I didn’t get a chance to run the A/C.
I think I’m good.
Thanks to everyone, your input was helpful.

Glad you got it worked out. I’ll be doing the Classic air stage two kit on my 67 GT 390 to add the Sanderson compressor and 134a in the next few weeks after the motor rebuild is completed. We’ll see if I have to make modification to get belt alignment.

Bill- maybe you were thinking Ford FE? The 390 has the separate washer plate for pulley alignment on the balancer.