Aeromotive fuel tank installation

I’ve had many problems with my fuel sending unit breaking(3 times) and leaking gas in my garage so I decided to change the entire tank that uses different construction. So I ordered Aeromotive direct fit tank with in tank fuel pump (for efi) now need help finding where to wire power for the pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

More than one way to wire it. But, this is what I would do. Run a 12v wire from battery to the trunk and install a relay. Find the wire off from the ignition switch that has power with key on and use that to run the relay. Also install a mercury switch to kill power to the pump in case of an accident.

Depending on your EFI setup the wiring should be part of the harness for the EFI since it needs to control the pump, It may already have a relay wired into the circuit so you just need to run wiring. Following the factory wiring back to the tank area is a good way to keep everything clean and neat.

Another safety thought is a oil pressure switch.

Or an old school Ford inertia switch from the 80-90s

that would be very easy to install, They are cheap and would be easy to install. They continued into the 2000s as well on some models.