Aftermarket AC question 1967 Cougar

Good morning! My son and I have been working on his first car. Basic 67 cougar. Drum brakes, no P/S, 289, 3spd. We have been doing pretty good with the suggestions on this board, along with the people at WCCC. I ran into a little road block and need some assistance.

Has anyone here installed an “old air products” AC on the 67/68 cougar. I have a couple questions about the install. The OAP tech was not all that helpful. Perhaps I explained it incorrectly.

Question 1. What did you connect the (2) orange 12+ wires too. No idea which one goes wear. Both are marked IGN 12+ Instructions say to connect to original heater wire from blower motor with (30a) fuse in fuse block. (Both of them?)
The supplied schematic and tech said, one is to 12+ (battery) and one is to
switched 12+.

Question 2. How did you solve the heater valve bypass clearance. It seems to be very close to the exhaust manifold.
I was thinking of adding some 90 degree elbows, but was looking for something with a more sanitary look.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Nice Cougar! my first Cougar was a '67 drum brake no power steering car but it had the automatic and console. I bet with the three speed that is a fun car to drive. I love the simplicity of these low option cars.

Can you provide a picture of the heater valve? Since this is all after market it is hard to know what you are seeing. It sounds like you need two power sources one switched and one constant. The blower motor was on switched power. Maybe shoot a pic of the instruction sheet?

Good morning. Thank you for the reply. The car was untouched except for the trans. I wish it had the 3spd in it still. Former owner owner swapped in c-4, but left the pedals and associated parts. I am intending to go back to 3 spd, or add a 5spd. Right now, we just want to get it ready for him to drive to school. :thumbup: Being from Arizona, the A/C is a must!

When I look at the instructions and schematic again, it appears that both orange wires go to a switched 12+ source. If thats the case, can i connect them both to the same power wire from the fuse block (HEATER). I

Thanks for your help!

Yes, you have the hook up figured out. Both wires powered off the heater power lead. Be sure to replace the factory fuse with a 30 amp one.

Did you figure out the heater valve location?

thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it.

I think for the heater valve, i am going a 1991 5.0 heater core hose , but instead of routing behind the valve cover, i am going to flip it so that it swings towards the shock tower. then i can wrap the valve with a DEI heat sleeve. I just don’t want to melt the wires or the valve, especially during the summer.