Aftermarket door panels for 67-68

I saw these recently and wanted to share with those they may not have seen them or thought to check. It’s always been the norm that the only option for panels are used and used with new door cards. TMI upholstery has started making more and more cougar parts over the years, they have always had a full line of mustang offerings but very little cougar specific. Now they have door panels, rear quarter panels, rear seats rear truck kit etc. Also it looks like they offer a dash pad would be interesting to know how it stacks up to the dash direct part.

When I did my interior they did not offer cougar specific stuff. I used a set of universal proseries seats for the front of my car and took a rear seat covering from a mustang and had it modified to fit the cougar seat. I see today they have a cougar specific rear seat which is cool. I have been very happy with their stuff so far and I would be interested in seeing how the door panels and rear panels fit a cougar. They look nice and give a cool updated look IMO of course!

Anyway thought maybe someone here would like to see some aftermarket support for cougars. Hopefully it continues!

This is what my tmi seats look like

Door panels

Dash pad

Man they look great and i am sure there comfy…