Aftermarket gauge options that match a 1968 XR7

I’d like to add a vacuum gauge to my XR7 and it seems the vintage Stewart Warner Stage I are similar but inverted style. Is there any other brands that I should be looking into that resemble the factory XR7 style?

Checkout VDO they have different series that might match what you’re looking for. By Series | Instruments, Displays and Clusters | VDO Instruments and Accessories

I put VDO in the race Cougar, but wasn’t concerned about looking original.

Thanks for the VDO recommendation. They had many more options than I thought. Nothing that worked for me however. Interesting the UK Brand Smiths had many gauge types that were very similar style. Wrong units though. :laughing: Alas, no vacuum (Brake) gauges. It kind of makes sense that a UK gauge supplier would have a similar style given that the XR7 interior was meant to have European styling. Oh and that fact that Jaguar sued Mercury back in the day.

These would look great in an XR7. Small update that would look stock

Speedhut has customizing options.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that most of these new retro gauges have electronic input rather than mechanical.

Thanks. I would totally go that route if there was a dummy hole in the dash. In my case I may either repurpose the front ash tray or just standard mount at the bottom of the dash.

That’s what I was referring to with being an update. More reliable and accurate.

The only stock gauge with mechanical input is the speedometer

I found this pair on eBay. I don’t really need the voltage gauge but it came with the deal. I’ll wire that up to the power supply of the transmission computer.

Does anyone know if the dimming voltage signal could handle two extra bulbs? One goal is to use the bulbs with the proper color boot to get a good night time match.

So here’s what I ended up doing. I am very happy with the result. Basically replaced the ashtray door with a dual gauge pod normally intended for the A pillar. This one being intended for 07-18 Jeeps. :laughing: The color & graining match the steering wheel pad very well. Console match isn’t happening though. I am powering a couple 1985 bulbs (with blue boot) from a red three way plug I found behind the dash. Night time color & intensity are very good match against the other gauges. My guess is that the red plug was used to provide the dimming illumination to the radio originally. Voltage gauge will monitor the battery supply to the transmission computer. Probably a good idea in the long run. It may be possible to repurpose an XR7 chrome HVAC vent to make a single gauge mount. It should fit the curve of the lower dash well. I couldn’t do it though as those parts are in rare supply and the reproductions costly.


I like it, great repurpose of that A-pillar mount!

side note…that fire extinguisher looks deadly on the knees!

Thanks! Really surprised how well it looks. The fire extinguisher hasn’t been a pain for my knees but I am only 5’9" 207lbs. Although I have bumped my head on it a few times while dealing with under dash wiring.

I usually just read the posts but the adaptation of the A pillar pod to the ash tray position should get the Nobel Prize for creativity

Ha! Thanks for that. I was thinking about cannibalizing one of these to stuff a guage in. Didn’t have the heart to do it nor the funds.