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I tried searching for an answer in the forum but didn’t find anything so, here it goes…

The seats in my son’s 68 Cougar (std) are shot. They could be reupholstered but I would rather see him have headrests. Finding lots of options for 68 Mustang, but few for a Cougar. I would have guessed the two would be interchangeable. Am I missing something?

Also, I would like to hear if anyone has a preference to a brand/model they have used.


Almost any Mustang seat up until 2005 or so will fit; I wouldn’t be surprised if almost every Ford/Lincoln/Mercury seat would also fit the mounting holes.

I was told the Mustang seat bases are taller, so a Mustang Seat would sit lower.

I went through racing seats USA and bought The Corbeau A4 seats. I also bought the matching brackets listed for the cougar. I only did a “test fit” to make sure my cage wouldn’t interfere with the seats, but they seamed to fit just perfect…

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Bmw 2000 up sport seats are perfect, kinda like 80 ish mustang. Heated, power, lumbar and fairly cheap to find.

What you are talking about is a part of the car that is welded in place, the area where the seat sits and is bolted to. Mustang and Cougar seat frames are exactly the same parts. The only differences are the amount of foam and the covers. You could bolt a set of same year Mustang seats in a Cougar and you would sit in the exact same position as the Cougar seats, provided that the foam is in equal condition.

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If your looking to keep a “factory look” 69 - 70 Cougar Mustang high backs work well and you can buy the foam and seat covers if you need to. The cost of used high backs has come down.

This is what I did.

I have had original upholstery for years but my seat foam was shot. I searched all over some, recommended using bottoms from one year of Mustang and Backs from another, Bottom line is Cougar seats are thicker and have a slightly different shape than a stang. I called all over to see if anyone makes the bottoms and backs. I called Kens Cougars in Edmond OK. Viola he has the buns for 67 and 68 seats. They are expensive but were well worth the money. The quality is good and the fit is great. I don’t know who Ken got to manufacture them but hope he keeps it up. I am sure ken can help you figure out what to do.

I think you are. 65 turough 70 Mustang seats will bolt in including the High backs (69 70 Mach I or 70 Cougar XR7) that have built in headrests also 69 Mustangs have head rests that go up and down but they are low back seats. The high back are out there I have a few sets that need to be recovered.

I found some Recaro seats for a good price in an 80 Mustang that were an option for that year (same as the 79 Pace Car Replica), then went to an accessory store that carried Recaro seats and ordered mounting frames for an early Mustang/Cougar. After having the seats reupholstered, I bolted the mounting frames to my Cougar’s floor, then bolted the seats to the frames.

That’s my seats they are from a 80s mustang (83) I believe, look great