Air con filter change .?

69 351w OE aircond.
I had a mobil auto air cond guy come round today to regas the Cougars AC.

He said i need to replace the filter befor he can do any thin ?

Is this correct ?

Others will know better than I, but I suspect he’s talking about the dryer bottle? When I did AC repairs years ago my refrigerant recharge shop said to replace it because an old one can rupture and put silica into the system which would destroy other components.

Agree the dryer needs to be changed before any recharge event. Modern cars have air filters on the AC system but that is not the case with older systems.

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How easy to replace it,
any tricks to be aware of ?
It looks a bit tight with out taking off lots of the frontal area ?

You need to pull the top plate from the hood latch. Then pull the entire condenser / drier as an assembly. Remove the drier from the condenser, install the new one then re - install the condenser / drier as a unit.

Thanks Royce,
Iv got one on order from wcc, should be here next week.
Then how long it takes me to get motivated to do the job who knows ?
Its the middle of summer here, with temps over 30d Celsius.
Dont know what that equals in your lingo…
But it gets bloody hot in the open spaces out side.
My balding head gets fried…!