Alternatives to Type-F

Type-F transmission fluid is getting harder to find here in Oz and isn’t being stocked by all.

Technology has moved on a bit since the 1960’s and was wondering if new trans-fluids like TQF / TQ95 / Dexron include the same friction modifiers like Type-F. Castrol even market a multi-vehicle trans fluid. The trans shop that rebuilt the C4 (they build classic, AWD and race trans) said it doesn’t matter anymore and they use Dexron in everything

Appreciate any insight from those who might have pondered the composition of the various trans fluids

Type F is notable because it does not have any friction modifiers. It’s commonly available here in the USA. A substitute is the blue B&M Type F fluid. Any substitute will cause immediate slipping and damage.

Type F is still available but just getting harder to find (and more expensive)

My C4 is running Dexron III without any problems - hence the question. I actually performs better than when it ran Type - F, with crisper changes (always had shift kit) and it will hold gears longer. It was apart to replace broken park pawl, but also had converter rebuilt while it was out.

Looks like I stick with Type F in my english-spec FMX

My experience has been total and early failure. Good luck with that.

Iv used Dex3 in a FMX for many years, then i used it in a modified C4 with no adverse effects ?

I recently had a 4R100 trans in a F150 serviced by a reputable trans co,
He said he used D3 in that as well ?

I use Dexron/Mercon 3 in my 58 Mercomatic, been fine for 17 years. Serviced plenty of older Fords that call for type F with DM3. If you are driving around it’s fine. If you are pushing things to their limits then there might be a difference. If a trans is already slipping and hanging on by a thread and one hopes changing the fluid will perform the same function as a rebuild then it really doesn’t matter whether it is type A, Type F, DM3, MV, LV, SP, Dex 6, +4, T4, WS, Z1…whatever.
If you change from F to DM3 and think you feel a softer shift than before, turn in your modulator 1 turn.
4R100 calls for DM3.

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BG transmission additive states DO NOT USE w/ type F.