Alternator harness

I have a 67 engine bay harness that was cut where the alternator plugs in. I cut the plug off my junk engine harness and went to splice them together only to find that the wires didn’t match. It appears that the black wire matches, the black with a red stripe match and off white match. But the reddish/orange color wire from the harness doesn’t match the white with a black stripe thats on the pigtail. Any help would be appreciated.

Attached are the photos of the pigtail from the junk harness and the wires that come out of the harness.

There are 2 different wiring harnesses for the alternator and the Voltage regulator depending on if your Cougar has an idiot light or an ammeter.

Photo #1 shows connectors for an ammeter cougar

Photo #2 shows the plug at the headlight harness for an idiot light car.

At the voltage regulator, a 4 wire connector is used for idiot lights whereas a 3 wire harness is for ammeter cougars.

Coach Jack

If this is the case should I fix the other engine bay harness rather than use this one? the reason I was using this engine harness is because it matched the red and yellow plug on the Xr7 dash harness that is in my car. The other harness doesn’t have this yellow and red plug

Here is that connector

That connector with yellow and red wires are for the ammeter. If your car has an ammeter, you need that version of the harness and matching alternator (3 pin) plug.

So correct me if I’m wrong, since I have an Xr7 dash and harness I need to keep the engine harness with the red and yellow connector and just get a new alternator harness

Yes. You want the four pin alternator plug version. If it comes with a voltage regulator plug, all 4 pins will be used as well.

Any chance you have a photo of what i need?

These are all the wires that are coming out of the harness currently. And here is the current alternator plug

Looks like you have the wrong alternator harness. You need this one for an XR-7 - it actually has only three pins:

You also need a repair pigtail for the engine bay harness. I don’t see it listed at WCCC but I bought that exact part from them last year.

Attached is my pdf document “1967 Cougar Charging System” which covers both Indicator light and ammeter systems. It details the wiring at the alternator and at the Voltage regulator for both systems


[attachment=0]1967 Cougar charging system in depth.pdf[/attachment]
1967 Cougar charging system in depth.pdf (412 KB)

This is the three pin connector that is missing from your underhood harness. The orange wire is the alternator field. Center terminal is the main charging circuit for the alternator. The third terminal has two ground wires leading to it.

This is the group of wires that connects to the starter relay (solenoid). Be sure that the large ring terminal with the yellow plastic lug connects to the START side of the relay, not to the battery side. If you make this common error the Low Fuel lamp in the overhead console will be on all the time.

Thanks for the info!! Where does the odd white color wire coming out of my harness go then?

That white wire has me confused - might be a good question for WCCC when you get the replacement plug. In the Mustang diagram posted by Coachjack it shows the white wire leading to the alternator field but I am used to seeing an orange wire on XR-7 harnesses so I don’t know what to think of it.

Maybe try measuring ohms to see if it is the same wire connected to the F terminal of the voltage regulator plug?

Any chance you know where I can find a repair pigtail for the under hood harness?

WCCC or Critter Creek

Hmm havent been able to find one at WCC would a mustang have the same connector

They sold one to me in December. You may have to call and interact with a human.

Will do I’ll call tomorrow