Alternator wiring

I have a 1969 with a 351W , been drawing power and killing battery, tested alternator and it failed so replace it. I took pic of wiring prior to disconnecting it so re connected same way, my question is the black wire sparked when I touched it with metal prior to hooking it up. It is throwing me off as I assume it is ground wire as I followed it to body. I have the lg wire hooked to large terminal then I have a orange and a white or tannish wire, so 4 all together. I disconnected the battery before hooking up wires as they were before and I have not hooked battery back up yet as I feel the wiring may be wrong. I bought car in Nov of last year and had a sniper put in it. I literally just got it back 2 days ago from shop it was in in Missouri. I am in Alabama so taking back to them is out of question. I am including picture of how it was wired. Please any. Info would be appreciated.

If you are electrically proficient, go to the WCCC website and download the 1969 electrical schematics for free! Welcome to the site from another 69 351W

Mike M.

I would replace that alternator harness given all the past repairs and damage.