American Pickers Nash-Healey-Cougar

I just saw something strange on American Pickers. They were looking at some '50s Nash-Healeys, one of them had a first generation XR7 dash panel. It looked like it fit pretty well.

That’s a different application. I’ll have to look for the episode.

I just recorded the episode and saw them trying to tow the thing out in the rain. I’ll watch the full episode tomorrow at lunch.

That was a weird place. I noticed the dash myself. Didn’t look half bad.

The one in the rain had the original dash, this was a cleaner car that they had inside.

Wow, I noticed the dash too. They bought 2 of the 4 cars, did they get the one with the XR7 dash?

I watched it today. That AMC Dealership got a huge multi-page write up in either Hot Rod or Car Craft (in the last 2-3 years or so) explaining how it is still kind of operational but the pics showed how overgrown the place was. I remembered reading it and thinking how sad the place looked.

I think the “hot rodded” Nash Healey that they bought from outside is going to be pretty wasted once they’re able to get a closer inspection on it. The one with the Cougar dash was a keeper and the owners had a replacement dash for it.

Probably saw dollar signs because they saw what the guys on Fast’N’Loud got for a Nash Healy…