Another 390 GT

Too cold to go work in the shop today (had snow this am), so I am out cruising the internet. I did manage to put a new car cover on the '69 vert yesterday.

I know this isn’t the market page, but I spied this and didn’t see it on the FS page,

and was curious to see if anyone thought the price was reasonable. Some prices have really gone crazy the past couple years for some reason. I know a rising tide lifts all boats, but…

If it were a first year Camaro with a big block and a 4 speed from the factory it would be gone in a second. Actually, you would probably never have seen the add… gone by word of mouth.
Add posi and disk brakes. Wow! Cream of the crop. Now black on black… oh geezz! Sure seems like a lot now but next week when it isn’t available. The money is in the title and what it says. This car looks OK so far as rust goes by looking at the fender lap welds. It is probably at the top end of the $ scale right now. Next year who knows. Definitely an investment car. Blue chip even. IMHO