Another 68 begins

I just picked up this guy a couple weeks ago. Finally got through the process of registering it here in California. So now the work begins. Starting with safety items like drum-to-disk conversion and then reworking all the steering components to make it feel tight and steer straight. Then the motor work will start.

Welcome! Looks like you got a nice car. I assume it’s a '68 standard (marker lights and no XR-7 badge on the C-pillar). What else can you tell us about it?

It is indeed a C code base model. Sorry I’m totally uneducated in anything Cougar. I’m here to soak up everything I can. It is a C 2v with auto and manual steering and brakes. It has a center console with a cubby forward. If you notice there are 2 holes in the rear fender. Are those for side markers? The car spent some time in Boise a few years back from the receipts I found in the glove box. Some of the interior was bought from West Coast Cougar Classics. It has a recent 10 foot paint job that has it looking nice enough to ride around town while I fix up some of the mechanical stuff.

Couple questions. Did this model come with rear swaybar? I don’t see one and its riding on air shocks in the rear. Also does anyone know what the steering ratio is? (5 turns?) Thanks for the welcome and I hope to make you Cougar guys proud.

Pat, welcome to the forum, that’s a nice looking car. Here’s what should be on the rear quarter panels (1 on each side): . No rear swaybar. Reguarding the steering ratio, look on top of the steering gear box and there should be a tag held on by a nut and post the info from the tag. John

Welcome to the gang!!

I’m glad to see that finally… FINALLY!!! somebody else calls their manly car a “guy.” :thumbup:

Pat welcome to the Classic Cougar Community. You found the right place to ask questions as there are many knowledgeable members willing to share information.

Thanks S Code. I was hoping to find a source like this. My last Miata project was supported by a 10,000+ member forum. Looking forward to a nice long relationship here too. Heck, there may even come a time when I can stop asking dumb questions and actually help out a noob.

Nothing wrong with a '68 Standard C Code! I’ll attest to that! I just changed out my rear shocks (still had originals even after restoration) with a set of coil over Monroes that kept the stance the way I like it…original. The weather here in St Louis was amazing today, so I got the old girl out for a bath and a cruise around town.

I’m getting pumped up for this project. Today I spent a couple hundred on degreaser, PB Blaster, brake fluid and some tools to beef up my SAE arsenal. My Chockostang disc brake conversion kit has been ordered along with a new steering box and various other steering parts. The breakdown begins Monday. By the end of the week I should be back on the road and ready for phase 2… Edelbrock top end.

Well, got 1 wheel and brake off. Probably no surprise to you guys but looks like someone didn’t pack the wheel bearings. Guess new spindles are in order now. That’s one reason the steering was iffy I guess.

let’s try again…

should buff right out…

…Don’t I wish. The good news is under a thick layer of goo the old worn out steering box that I was going to replace was a nice shiny Flaming River unit. Yay! That’ll save me some dough. And WCCC had 2 nice used spindles in stock. Thanks guys!

Woohoo! Parts are here. Chockostang disc brake conversion and tie rods, lower A arms, idle arm, and spindles on the way from WCCC. I’ll be busy this weekend.

Well it’s one step forward and 2 steps back. While working under the car on the center link I found some cleverly camouflaged cancer. Looks like typical cowl-leak damage. Floor pans, torque boxes, and maybe 6 inches of the driver side frame rail. Since my space, and talent, are at a minimum I’ll be driving her to a local restoration shop for an estimate. Can’t afford a full strip down but at least I’ll do the main structural safety stuff. Good news is the suspension and brake work are going in great and the shock towers and rear of the car looks real solid.

Are you happy with the Chockostang kit? I was thinking about switching to disc brakes but a little hesitant going forward with their kit.

I’m still finishing up on the steering and lower CA rehab. Brakes go on once the new spindles are in place. I have opened the boxes and staged everything for the install and it looks like real quality. It is mostly SSBC stuff so that is a good thing. One bad development is the instruction DVD they sent is corrupted. I can only read like 15 of the 113 pictures. Tried 3 computers. I have watched the Autorestomod and CJ Pony videos re: the install on Youtube enough times that I can probably do it from memory though. I’ll let you know once I’m on the road.

Well, the steering, spindles etc. are all buttoned up. The brakes went on surprisingly easily. Funny how it goes. I watched all the videos on Youtube and many laid out exactly what tools you will need… Yah, right. I ended up using more socket and wrench sizes than I thought . Everything came apart with no need for my impact set (and I was looking forward to using my air tools too). I’m now working on the Master Cyl setup and this is where I’m at a standstill. The little nuts on the brake lines at the distribution block are rusted tight. I actually rounded off the inside of a line wrench on one (yah, it was from Harbor Fright. ) I was cheaping out and reusing the old one because the instructions say it’s fine to use it. They are now soaking in PB Blaster and I’ll see about a nicer set of wrenches. Maybe even those wrenches designed to grip anything… we’ll see.

Anyway to Paul68xr7 The Chockostang kit is complete and as long as your car is cleaner and in better shape than mine underneath it’s a pretty easy job.

Welcome. That is a fine looking Cougar. Plenty here have started with much less so there’s a ton of knowledge here.

EDIT: I just noticed how late to the party I am. I don’t know how I missed this thread… :think: