Another Shirt For Your Collection

Who doesn’t need a Cougar shirt!

What do you guys think? Is this spam

I as thinking the membership might fear that! Totally legit and coming from an active member. Nothing for me to gain here…LOL

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Don’t know but…Grunt Style is a very legitimate business as I have their products, but are totally patriotic / military / gun theme. I went to their website and found nothing relating to Cougar. Very unlikely they would head into the car theme - but if they do, Cougar should be their top priority…:sunglasses:


I just went to their website and found that shirt. I had to use the search words “on the prowl”.

Thanks guys. No worries BEAUBRADY.

I have had a few instances where scam tee shirt sales posts on Facebook were being shared here by unknowing members. I can’t run them all down.