Antique Auto reproduction batteries..What is happening?

The company website doesn’t say it, but they seem to be backlogged or down. Their recording says they are busy and will call back, all the time, every time.

It doesn’t appear Virginia Mustang or Scott Drake has them in stock, so this could be quite a while. I’ve been waiting for a long time now…

It appears it’s time to go to AutoZone and go dig out that old plastic Sta-Full Autolite Cover that has a couple of the caps missing! :unamused:

They’re probably like everyone else.
Plenty of orders, but short on help

Looks like they might be out of business:

You can also take a battery made for a mazda Miata and that will fit into a 24F replica case when you cut the bottom off and run the wire connections to to the terminals of the repro battery.

If anyone has access to a 3D printer, and wants to make some money, scan the top of an Autolite Group 27 and start making copies. Even when they’re available, the reproduction Group 27 batteries aren’t very good, and there’s no replica cover like for the Group 24 batteries. There’s a big unmet demand from big-block Mustang and Cougar owners.

Don’t bother, Their batteries look good but thats about it.

I’ve been using the one I bought for the GT-E about 8 years now…pretty good results, but it’s obviously very tired…


I think…Think…I get what you’re saying, but can you expound upon this a bit? Are you saying take a vibratory tool and literally cut out the bottom of my Dead case and the guts will pop out? Do you mean an AGM style Miata battery that is just smaller but has similar CCA capacity? I’m a little confused.

I also wonder if a new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery in the case might be a good idea. Have you used one of those yet? I have a tiny one in our Airstream and it’s made much smaller and lighter than a car battery. Incredibly compact and light and doesn’t lose charge just sitting…


I am pretty sure that Brian means that you should cut the bottom off the reproduction empty case and then slide it down over another real battery. I do not think that cutting the bottom off a real battery would be a good idea.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Had a thread on it a couple months ago.

I haven’t done this yet. But, plan to when the need presents it’s self.

Brian, time to go hybrid… nickel metal hydride. Green Cougars!

I just had my second Group 27F reproduction battery crap out.

Does the Miata battery give enough cranking amps for a big block? I haven’t found anything else that fits inside the 27F case.

Noticed that some of the Mustang/Cougar vendors are again listing these Group 24 Autolite Sta-Ful Battery reproductions.

After all the poor reviews and the $$ never was too tempted but noticed that Virginia Classic Mustang includes "Entirely new design!! " in the description.

Anyone looked into these recently?

JR just listed this scott drake offering on our site. Paying $90 for a battery makes me cringe… I am happy with the fake top but since I have the dead battery from Jim Pinkerton’s CATBALU sitting here I think I will try cutting it open.

Until the tariffs kicked in I was looking at developing a Lithium Ion battery and super capacitor combination inside the old Autolite cases. The combination would have actually had more cranking current and weighed a lot less that conventional batteries plus the shelf life for vehicles that go a while between starts would have been much much better. Of course this would not have been cheap, but it would have solved the whole hobby car battery issue.

I’m with Jay on this one. Would be nice to just have a G27 topper.

It is odd that no one has done G27 toppers given 3D printer technology but makes one wonder why no one has come up up with a reproduction full cover shell that covers the sides as well? They’re getting $50 or so for just the top so would think given the $400 cost of the full reproduction that the full cover could have a market in the $200 range.

Did buy a new topper as the one i have lost the decal and sounds like still the best option. The battery shield on the two open sides does help the deception somewhat but will be interested if the reproductions being offered now are the same as before (assume still made by Antique Auto Battery) or if there really was an improvement.

If Antique Auto Battery were smart, they would offer just the shell as the obviously already have the molds. But that might be admitting that their battery offerings are not that great.