Any Interest in a 1-Owner 1978 Cougar XR7 ??

Wanted to see if there is any interest in a 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7. I’m not thinking there is any interest in these but wanted to see. My family bought this car brand new and we stored it in a barn since 2002. The land is being cleared now and I had to get it out, but now it is in my way and I don’t have the need to restore or fix it. I would really hate to scrap it.

Secondly, I would like to know some information about it. Stuff like engine size, etc. The keys are “lost” but we still have them somewhere. I remember my grandfather have me drive the car to the farm and park it in the barn so he didn’t have to pay registration and insurance anymore…it was a spare car from about 1994 to 2002. Nothing at all wrong with it, I drove it down there and he made me run it until it ran out of gas and I locked it up tight and left it. They have the keys somewhere but would take days and days of digging through about 4 storage buildings. Can I have the ignition and door keys cut from the dealer pretty easily by giving them a number off the car?? I don’t mind spending a few bucks getting keys just to try to get it running for old times sake, and it would allow me to put it in Neutral too to move around. Once I wash it good, it will be for sale!

more pictures…


That is a run of the mill Cougar with a 351w engine and FMX trans. Polycast wheels and nothing else too special. Whereas the cars are not worth a whole lot many folks still own them and parts are harder to come by than the earlier much more valuable Cougars. I have owned about 150 74-79 Cougars and can say with confidence someone will be happy to purchase that car in the $500 range for parts. The wheel beauty rings alone are worth $50 each. Don’t scrap it, help others fix their by listing it on craigslist.

That is about what I was going to list it for…$500. If you know anyone wanting the wheel rings, I’ll sell those too. What is an FMX transmission? I thought it probably had a C6 transmission in it. Did not realize it has the 351 windsor engine.

Can I have a set of keys cut for it or would I have to take it to a locksmith and get them to imprint it?

FMX was a popular trans from 69-79, nothing special. ebay would get you some interest on the rings but it will take awhile to meet up with someone that really needs them. Pop a door cylinder and a trunk cylinder and a locksmith can make keys in minutes, don’t let them try and tell you it is special or difficult…

Isn’t the trunk and door both the same key (round key)? What about the ignition key?

Ignition and door square, trunk and glove round key.

Look to see if the original owners manual is in the glovebox. If it is and if the selling dealer filled things out there may be key numbers listed.

This looks like a car that could be brought back to life with a little work. It could be a cheap way for someone to have an older car. Or it could end up being parted out. As Don said place an ad on Craigslist. Another place would be on BarnFinds. This would fit right in on that site.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I wish it was in there but sadly it isn’t.

It may be helpful to know where it’s located.

The car ? The car is located in Birmginham Alabama area. Whenever I post it for sale, It will be on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. If I have time I’ll put it on Barn Finds and maybe here.

Bummer too far away. For $500 I’d add it to the projects I’ll never finish.

If it runs good, keep it!!

The 'late 70s Cougars fall into a category for me that can best be summed up thusly:

If you can’t be a good example, then at least be a horrible lesson.

(but maybe SOMEONE out there loves them!) Good luck in selling yours. =)

I sure do wish it was an early 70s model. I would definitely keep it. But it is (was) a great car for what it is. Not a sports or collectors car by any means. Just a re-badged and sporty T-bird.

The American public loved these cars and Mercury sold far more of them than the early Cougars. I think more than twice the number of Cougars were sold from 77-79 vs. 67-70. They were great cars for their time but none of the big personal luxury sedans have been sought after like the early models. I owned a 78 for awhile and I really liked it. Very comfortable and I didn’t find it to be to much of a dog. If you like this type of car, I wouldn’t let anyone talk you out of it. It just won’t ever have the mass appeal and associated value of the early Cougars.

Oh My! You’ll never find someone more interested. Where are you? I am in Sherman Oaks ,ca. I owned one 3tkx828 for 11 yes. Hero was my partner raising my daughter. Don’t try to start it .you’ll need to clean the gas tank, pour a capful of oil in each cylinder, drain the radiator.
Too move it you can easily clime under and shift gears. The key code is either in the vin. behind the pass. door panel, or if your lucky there will be a sticker on the left side of the trunk lid, by the hinge. What color is it? I have cash and ready to travel. Problem stick you w/ a02 Accord that runs great. My name is Mo and I am waiting for your reply. 818.679.6500

Aren’t you up yet? Today is my birthday, and alls I can do is stare at my phone. This is Mo. All this talk about scrap & parts , got me staring at my phone. I’ve been looking for this car 78 XR7.for about 2 years now. About 6 mos ago I found a 79 T-Bird in MI although it was in parts, we’d spoken several times and I was hooking up transport when hr called ,and pulled out of the deal. This guy had like 900 pics. Of Teddy the T-Bird" My husband said this dude didn’t sell it out from under you, he loves this car ,and after looking at his pics. again he couldn’t part w/ it. I was deviststed…you know I’ve only seen 2 under 6000.00 dollars in decent shape. .which is about my completed savings. If you would be greatly relieved with a large chunk of cash , do not believe these reviews I’ve read to you. These guys & gals may very well know cars, but they Do Not know this cougar. This car rents for( you ready) $175.00 an hour. Yes a hour here in L.A. I shit you not. Sorry so long winded ,but it really calmed me down. Please.let me know what’s up at your earliest convenience. Mo