Anyone put install a push button start in the 67-68 Cougar?

I have liked the one convenience of a modern car and that is a keyless start. Has anyone put in a push button start in their Cougar?
Im not wanting remote start or power locks just to take the keys out of the equation.
What kit did you use and any issues???
Thank you in advance

This could be a cool upgrade/modernization but it’s not a popular one. I’m not aware of anyone here that has done it but it’s possible.

Are you wanting a function much like a modern push to start vehicle with key fobs etc? or simply a push button starter? I know there are some kits out there that function as an alarm and push start. It uses keyless key fobs to disarm and allow the button to start. Quick Amazon search found several kits that look easy enough to install.

Or are you looking for a simple button start? You could accomplish this with a momentary on/off button, relay and some wiring however it would make it very easy to steel as it has no keys. However a simple hidden kill switch would prevent that. I have had rock crawlers setup this way but was never worried about them getting stolen.
Again multiple switch only options found on Amazon pretty quickly

If it’s something you decide to do I would search out the highest quality components you can find. You don’t want to introduce starting issues by using cheap stuff. I think this would could be a cool upgrade but it could also be a headache if not done right. Keep us posted on how you do it if you decide to go that route