Anyone running the Addco 995 rear sway bar? I need the length of the end links

I have an Addco 995 rear sway bar that I want to put back on, but the end links I have seem to be way too short. I think I may have mixed up some parts. Can any one measure the end links and see what the center tube and bolt lengths are?

When I go back down to the shop I’ll look and see if that is the one I have. If so I’ll measure the end link bolts and related parts.

Thanks. I know the arms are not supposed to point straight down. Can you shoot some pics?

Here is a picture of end link. Spacer is 3/4 inch Bolt is 5 3/4.Addco 995

I must be doing something wrong. The arms are pointing almost straight down at the end links.

Here are the directions…

That is what I got for the bolt. My spacer is a little longer at 1.125".

Someplace I have a 2 page set of instructions that are much easier to read. If I find them I’ll post for future reference.

I was able to install the Addco rear sway bar on my 70 Cougar but there are a few issues. I needed to use a 2-1/2" to 2-3/4" spacer with a 7-1/2 to 8" Grade 5 bolt on the link to get travel clearance. The 70 has holes in the sub-frame that fit Addco U bolts. This is “convenient” but in this position the bar runs across straight through the factory tail pipes on the dual exhausts. You could move the mounting back up to 2" to clear the tail pipes but then you run into a reinforced area inside the sub-frame, provided for the self tapping screws used on the factory rear sway bar. I had new tail pipes custom made to clear. (only after unsuccessfully trying several other manufacturer bars) The 69 has the same sub frame but neither the “convenient” holes nor the reinforced area, so holes must be drilled, but that does make moving the mount back is easier.
The Addco kit also seems to be missing a “base plate” piece shown in their drawings the goes straight across above the spring and below the “spring saddle”. I built my own.

That plate was included in the kit I got so there is that. I have some end links for a different bat that I will try.

Here’s the layout. After trying three different bars I laid it out on paper. The spacer can be made from 1/4" pipe and the hardware store had the bolts.
RearSwayBarLayoutAdco.pdf (244 KB)

You got a U bolt to go around the leaf spring. I got bolts so I needed two base plates on a side. One above and one below the spring. It’s the second one I had to make.

Great job on the layout! Thanks! I and I see what you are saying about the plates.

I’ve bought and returned an Eibach and a Hellwig rear sway bar. They are both nice products but contrary to their information, they don’t fit the 70 Cougar. I got tired of trying new bars and different positions so I made the scale drawing and could do it on paper. That showed that the Addco 995 could be made to work albeit with the tail pipe interference. If the factory bars were more available I’d gotten one. The factory bar is lighter with less anti sway influence.

Addco recommends a 432 rear bar.
It fits the upper brackets and lower plates that were used on the 1970 competition handling cars.

I ran one on my 1967 race car but removed it when I added a Panhard bar.
The upright bolts were 10" long but the length depends on the arch height of your springs.
The 432 7/8" rear bar with a 1 1/8" front bar was ok for an autocross,
but on the track it tended to unload and lift the inside rear tire.
This allowed too much wheel spin when accelerating out of the corner.

I run a “Stambar” adjustable. Mounts like the OE. Suggest getting the lighter of the 2 they offer.

The Addco 432, as I understand it, comes with just the bar. All of the link and mounting hardware must be sourced separately. I thought about it but could not readily find the mounting brackets and bushings.