AOD swap from FMX

Hi all
I just installed a AOD into my 72 cougar convertible that had a FMX and it went without a hitch. If you haven’t done it and always wanted to but were worried about issues. Don’t be and if you find one look for EOAP on the tail end. That tell you it’s a short transmission which means you shouldn’t have to touch your driveshaft.
Anyways what I’d like to ask is if anyone has swopped they’re FMX to AOD. My problem is I don’t have a lever that comes off the transmission linkage and goes to the lever from the steering column(that locks the shifter so you can’t shift when the steering wheel is locked).
Is there an aftermarket one that works with the Lokar shifter? Or do I have to make one

I think what you’re talking about is a shifter lockout solenoid.

You’d have to modify your shifter inside the car so that when it’s in P, and the key is off, a pin pokes through and prevents you from moving the shifter handle.

Even if your car came with such a feature - and I’m not sure '72 did - I would never use it. The problems and annoyance it caused were far greater than its ability to deter theft!

I don’t know that any car ever had a mechanical linkage to make that happen, and aside from the “Neutral Safety Switch” that keeps you from starting your car except in Park and Neutral, there’s nothing on the transmission to lock it either. That is also electrical, and it’s just mounted to the transmissions shift select lever.

So TL;DR - AOD never had a mechanical linkage to lock it in Park with the key out. Neither did your car’s shifter - or if it did, I never heard of such a thing! Not sure how you could fab one, or why you’d want to!

Also, grats on putting it in and making it work!

I converted my 70 351W from the FMX to AOD. The shifter lockout rod that ran from the end of the steering column needs to modified to work. The locking function is done inside the steering column, not on the transmission. I haven’t seen an aftermarket rod and I don’t think many people care about using it. Could probably find an original one on this site.

Ok that’s what it is. I stand to be corrected. That is why I love this website. To learn.
So you don’t think it’s a big deal to hookup the linkage?

My brother-in-law can fab me up one if I need it. But if I do t need it that fine too

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Thanks for the education, 70toy!

Wonder what year they put that feature in?

what year/vehicle did your AOD transmission come out of that it had the EOAP tail end?

I got it from a 91 crown Vic

All I needed from that car was the transmission and the bolts that came with it. You don’t need the flex plate or spacer behind it. Just the bolts

I guess I do have a problem. Just installed my driveshaft and there is only about 3/16’s play. Had to take the caps off to install in on the diff.
How much movement should I have to move the driveshaft towards the transmission and back to the diff? 2-3”?

The fun started in 70. That year and onward required locking steering wheel and shifter. One reason the ignition switch was moved from the lower dash to the column.

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I knew about the locking steering wheel in '70 - somehow I missed the transmission lockout!

I do know that it caused some serious accidents and problems. When I was very young (four, if I’m not mistaken) the '72 Torino that Dad owned popped out of Park and rolled backwards. Since Mom didn’t have keys in the ignition, she couldn’t turn the wheel to stop it (driver’s window was open, door was closed). Thankfully, the passenger door was open, and grabbed the bricks on the side of the house, gently stopping the car (and not boogering up the door too bad either). It was within inches of crushing me.

Maybe that’s colored my dislike for key-related lockouts. =)

You were lucky!