Apprecistion of WCCC and KTL

Thank goodness for Don Rush out at WCCC. Without that service and provider, my goal of building a Cougar would have ended. Every step through the build, I was able to find the components I needed, and many of those that I didn’t know I needed. These aren’t just everyday cars. They are uniquely intricate and understanding what those engineers were trying to accomplish in those days without the technology and without a blueprint for how to accomplish a finished product to sell, is truly inspiring. Without folks enjoying their cars, and forums like this, all of these cars would have dissolved with the changing models. Thank you all for your dedication in keeping the Coolest Car ever produced alive and well


Here here! - people like Don Rush, and Randy Goodling and John Baumann and Tom Lawrance (RIP) - if it wasn’t for them and others like them, there wouldn’t be all of the beautiful, restored Cougars still on the road that there are.

  • Phillip

Don deserves more than we, the Cougar lovers, can give back. I’ve been dealing with WCCC for about 8 years, and have found everything he sells (new, repro, or used) to be of excellent quality. Even the grade B stuff is better than you can find in any junk yard. Along with his and his family’s personal recend tragedy, he still stays the course. I will always be a customer of his.

Malcolm in NC


You’re very correct. IDK him personally or anything of adversity to him or anything of that nature, but in NC, I do know I took my Cougar to Petty,s Garage and they gave me an 80k price to start and said parts would be the hardest thing to get. Thank goodness for WCCC, and being able to shop out certain things I couldn’t do myself, along with WCCC schematics and others experience with Cougars. These cars are Friggin Awesome!

I sure appreciate the kindness and support. Covid was a real trial and yes the loss of my son has been devastating but no matter how bad I drop the ball, you folks just keep extending Grace. Thank you for standing by us all these years, we have been Blessed.