Aqua interior paint

I have an Aqua interior in my 68 cougar and I need an Aqua paint that I can spray on my vinyl that would be a decent match it doesn’t need to be perfect. What have others used and what works well thanks.

You might check with these guys.

The problem with this product #VP-5752 is that it is the correct shade of aqua to match the Mustang shade. However it is off a shade from the Cougar color. I found this out when dying the dash face pad on my standard GT-E that I eventually sold to Matt Slay. It was tough for me since the rest of the interior was in such good shape.

You either have to dye everything or go another route.

The SEM VP-5752 was on back order for quite a long time. I did find some Scott Drake light aqua- preferred the SEM. For the pieces I’ve done the SEM has gone on well and held up in a “driver” application. I wasn’t able to find much of any other options in my area. I was able to blend it in on door panels, but I can see where a match could be tough on some pieces.

I’m trying to patch a seat. I guess I should start by asking if there is a vinyl fabric that is a close match.

Try this company. They will send you free sample kit. Remember your 50+ year old original, faded, worn, and likely dirty fabric, will likely not match, brand new pristine fabric.