Article: Prototype Cobra Jet GTE

Just picked up my May, 1968 copy of Car Craft from eBay. Here’s why:

Does anybody know this car and who has it now if it still exists? The article mentions that it’s red but also talks about a vinyl top which is not present in the photos.

EDIT: Also, it’s missing the GTE badges, although it has the rest of the GTE exterior goodies.

Looks like it has a blue air cleaner lid.


Nice find! I need one of those mags…Off to eBay!

Looks like it has a blue air cleaner lid.

Yep! Don’t you love those old school blue-and-white photos! :wink:

Phil Parcells is the current owner of “The Missing lynx” Phil’s contact information is posted on

It’s an amazon story. There is another write up in the GT-E book.

This car had F70X 14 whitewall tires when it was new, a common thing back then. Phil did an outstanding job restoring this car. It is a magnificent example.