As seen on TV :)

My 67 was spotted on TV today on season 21, episode 3 of My Classic Car. Warbirds and Wings Car show. I haven’t seen it yet since I don’t have cable, but I’ll post a link to the you tube video when it becomes available on Wednesday. I had no idea if my car would have been caught in the footage, or aired. I did know they were there.

Cool. Definitely post the link.

Here’s the link. Just a pan shot, but still cool for me. I’m at 2:14.

Excellent job… Thanks for representing Mercury Stray Cats Central California Chapter well!

Cruise above the Clouds - Colorado

Rob, do you see the plate frame on the photo above? That’s an odd coincidence.
Wow, thanks for the pic, C7XR7. Is that your car? We’ll have to get together for a photo shoot when mine can make it out of town.
Maybe Dennis thought it was yours, and said to himself, I already shot with that car. :slight_smile: