Assembly after paint.

Hi, starting to assemble every thing after body & paint , all mechanicles finished, just nut & bolt work now & upholstery , having a lot of fun. This is a spoiler delete Eliminator, not many left now.

Regards Mal.

Good looking job, and it is fun at this point, because everything added makes it gooder and gooder.

Very nice looking paint, enjoy! I have not heard of spoiler delete before. I’m not too far behind you on my 69 XR7.

Looking good! Do you know what your paint mixture was? I’m working on my yellow '69 and am having a hard time getting the hue correct.

Very cool! Looks great! I hope you post more pics as you progress!

I’m curious about the picture you posted, I thought that Eliminators had a walking Cougar on the gas filler door. Was this not the case in '69 or was the walking Cougar logo only used on '70 Eliminators?

The Mercury crest was correct for 69 Eliminators. The walking cat was for 70 only.

Cool, thanks Jeff.

Update? How do you know it was a spoiler delete car - is that called out on the Marti report or window sticker?

The 6-digit DSO: 528020 - For 1969 the “8020” portion was the order code for “Rear Spoiler Not Installed” (aka “Rear Spoiler Delete”). For 1970 the code appears to have been changed to “8001”, but the result was the same.

Invoices I’ve seen also indicate “Delete Instalation Rear Spoiler” / “Delete Install Rear Spoiler NC” (some variations in verbage), with no charge.

The Build Sheets also indicate “Rear Spoiler Delete”, with actual verbage varying a bit, but generally “Delete Installation of Rear Spoiler” and “Ship Spoiler Kit In Trunk”, or words to that effect. So the rear spoiler wasn’t actually Deleted… it just wasn’t installed at the factory.

Another interesting thing to note is that the vast majority of “Rear Spoiler Delete” cars were shipped to SoCal (DSO 52). Why? Maybe the dealers there didn’t want to get stuck with an odd-ball of a car, and wanted something they could tone down and sell to Joe Average?

Funny, quite a few of the “Rear Spoiler Delete” cars actually DID end up having the rear spoilers installed by the dealers. I have one story where the dealer showed the original owner the rear spoiler in the trunk and asked “what do you want to do with that?” Owner (buyer) said “I like it, put it on.”
This is a vintage pic of Mrs. Hearn with that car. Dig the aggressive angle on that rear spoiler!

The very first show I took my car to in 1982 had a blue 70 there with the spoiler angled the same way. Weird.

Looks like a bad application of the driver’s side Eliminator stripe too

Re: Orange Eliminator in above picture.
Mike-Being the Eliminator registrar by some slim chance do you know where that car was sold new.
Wife and I had one like it. It was sold new to a gentleman in Johsondale, Ca. in the central part of the state. The “ZHA” on the license plate sure rings a bell, but I’ve had a lot of vehicles in my life.

Add-the car we had was sold new @ Kitchen-Boyd L-M in Bakersfield, the same salesman that sold our '69 Dan Gurney Special Spoiler to the original owner.K.-B. long ago absorbed by Jim Burke Ford in Bakersfield.
I thought the license plate help might as we had the black and yellow plate on ours.

Was the car by any chance a Grabber Blue Eliminator? With a 351C, 4 speed? Did the engine happen to have a tunnel ram or blower or something of the sort that required a much taller than normal hood scoop? Did the car have PA plates? I ask because back in that time frame, early to mid 1980s, a guy who was local to me here had such a car. He ran his spoiler with the same angle. He said as a pilot having the spoiler angled that way was the making the most use of it.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

I don’t recall the tunnel ram or anything out of the hood. Bu, YES, it was a Grabber Blue 70 Eliminator and the show was in Harrisburg, PA. So it’s likely the same guy.

Small world. That was 1982 when my car was first finished. I was all of 16 at the time.

I want to clarify that I am NOT the Eliminator Registrar. I just help gather data and track cars for the CCOA and Eliminator Registry.

Dave Wyrwas (70b302cat) is the Eliminator Registrar.

I don’t recall the details on the Hearn’s car, but I’ll see what else I have on it in my files.

I don’t suppose you have a VIN, or some vintage pics of your Eliminator that you could share? Do you remember what options it had, or other details? 351W / FMX car, PS, PB, interior trim color, etc?

O.K.,not having an Eliminator, just an XR-7 at the present time,I just wasn’t paying attention.
Sold the car in the early 2000’s to a friend in Bakersfield, Ca. in turn for his brother in Indiana.Had a chance to buy it back in '06-'08 but wife and I were building our new house.Googleing 1969 Cougar or 1969 Eliminator it shows up identifiable by hood pins and the original primer showing through original paint.
351W, FMX,white interior, no console, A/C. PB,PS.White stripes.AM radio.
The “ZHA” looks familiar as I think the '69 Charger I had a “ZHA” prefix and my grandmother’s '64 New Yorker had an “SHA” prefix. Sort of a little word association.I don’t have any pictures or paperwork on that car. And it went to Johnsondale, not Johsondale, Ca. when bought by the original owner.The picture posted shows what could be sort of a rural area, which Johnsondale is.Then it could be convenient for me to say that.When I had the car the original warranty card was with the car and Hearn seems familiar but we’re talking a long time ago.

Yeah, I would bet it was the same car. That owner and I were good friends for a while. We went to one of the first CCOA shows held in VA together. Then he went and got married and life changed and we move moved on. It has been several years since I last saw him. I often wonder what happened to that car. So you drove all the way in to Harrisburg from Ohio to attend a car show? It must have been a good show.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Yeah, it was my first show. It was all Mustangs and Cougars. It was a one-day show. Out of 20-something Cougars in the class, we won third place and also got the long-distance award. Dad and I drove from Cleveland to Pittsburgh on Friday night and stayed overnight with relatives. Then drove to Harrisburg on Saturday. Cleaned up the car and hit the local cruise strip that evening. Went to the show on Sunday and then drove all the way home that evening, and I had to go to school the next day.

BTW, my apologies to the O.P. on this thread for hijacking it. I’m done now. :mrgreen: