AT kickdown linkage adjustment

71 351 2V with an FMX. Added a carb space to alieviate heat soak and had to adjust the throttle cable up the same distance as the spacer thickness so it had the same geometry with the throtrtle as it had without the spacer.
Now my idle is a little high and the throttle is no longer seating on the idle adjsutment screw, maybe by 2 or 3mm. The result is the car is idling higher, 800 in drive, 1000 in Park.
The geometry for the kickdown has changed and is not allowing the throttle to return all the way to where the idle set screw is. Disconnecting the kickdown allows the throttle to return to its proper setting. That kickdown needs to be adjusted oh so slightly. Is there a way to do this ?

I think I would start out trying to solve the original issue of heat soak. Usually that means the float bowl is dry when you go to restart it. That is most commonly caused by a small leak in the accelerator pump. What exactly does heat soak mean in your observation?

xr7g428, symptoms are when the car has been run for a time and is shut off for 10-15 minutes, will act like it is flooded. Only way to start is to crank 5-8 seconds with the pedal to the floor with big puffs out the pipes. If I park it for the night, the car will start right up after two pumps without issue.
When I get gas, there is no issue as the car hasn’t sat long enough.

Sounds like it’s time for a carburetor rebuild. Yours is junk. Adding spacers and such is not going to fix the problem.

Carb was rebuilt in 2020 and only has around 7K miles on it. Previous owner was fortunate enough to be able to run on non-ethanol gas, however, I dont have that option where I live. That may be why he never had the issue.

One of my Cougars can only use a tank of Ethanol laden gas before the carburetor and fuel pump and gas tank are hopelessly plugged with white crap. The other one doesn’t seem to care.

In any case you have carburetor issues - either the Ethanol gas has caused it or not. When someone last worked on it does not matter - the problem is happening. The float level is too high, or the needle and seat assembly is leaking - something is wrong and it needs to be fixed.

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Royce, on the one that has the ethanol issues, do you add anything to the fuel to help alieviate that or are you able to get non-ethanol fuel?

For that car I use race gas only. 110 octane leaded premium has been about $14 a gallon around here.

For that car I use race gas only. 110 octane leaded premium has been about $14 a gallon around here.

If I had your money, I’d throw mine away!

If you live near a marina , alot of new boat motors dont like e85 fuel. Here along the Colorado River , almost every gas station has a non e85 pump and a race gas pump. Non e85 is about $1.00 more tha premium .
Years ago , i ran alcohol in my 64 fairlane. I used Redline alcohol fuel lube and it did a wonderful job of keeping everthing lubed and never had any growth issues either. They have a real carguy tech line and its about $16.00 a bottle…should do 3 or 4 tanks

I use this. Buy at O’Reillys or Walmart

If you go the route of a different kickdown rod try Installation — Kickdown Rods Galore & More